Best Mobo Ryzen 5 1600

So, Do you find it difficult to pair up your Ryzen 5 1600 CPU with the Best Mobo Ryzen 5 1600? You don’t need to worry about this pairing now, as we have taken over this responsibility for you. Finding the best mobo for your system surely requires good research, excellent information regarding the accessories, and a good idea about the features you essentially want in your product.

The ryzen 5 1600 is still very well-known because of its high-end features, regardless of the addition of new central processing units. This is why many people find it a hard task to get the best motherboard that is most compatible and suitable for this unit.

In this guide, we are going to review some of the amazing mobos that you can use with your ryzen 5 1600, Along with their key specifications and pros, we have also mentioned some of their lacks to help you better understand every product. So without wasting any more time, let’s get into the details of our nine best Mobo Ryzen 5 1600.


What is ryzen 5 1600?

Firstly, The ryzen 5 1600 is a desktop microprocessor having 64 bits of high-end performance. It is based on the Hexa core microprocessor designing system. Its base clock features an efficient standard clock speed of up to 3.2 GHz while the boost clock speed can be extended up to 3.6 GHz. If you talk about the L type cache values of this microprocessor which are 512 KB, 4 MB, and 16 MB for the L1, L2 AND L3 respectively.

The ryzen 5 1600 comes with the AM4 type socket and features the DDR4 type memory. The TDP of this microprocessor is 65 watts, while the highest memory bandwidth you can enjoy is up to 2933 MHz. This was a brief about the basic features of the ryzen 5 1600 CPU which will help you in picking the most suitable motherboard for it.

What Factors to Consider when Buying the Best Mobo Ryzen 5 1600?

Are you struggling to choose the best Mobo Ryzen 5 1600? Are you still confused about the features which should be considered most essential while making this purchase? Let us end your worries here. After a good research, we have come up with multiple factors which can help you decide the quality of your motherboard. If you want to know about how the expansion slots, M2 cards, and factors help you pick the best Mobo Ryzen 5 1600, continue reading.

● PCIe expansion slots

When talking about the most flexible chipset within the 400 series, the X470 always comes at the top of the list. This chipset allows you to fit various graphic cards in a dual x8 type of configuration. But when you talk about 1600, it is exclusively made only for the PCIe 3.0, so only the PCIe 3.0 speed can be experienced in such a system.


It is always important to check the number of the USB port at the desired speed present in your motherboard. If your device requires a high bandwidth rate, this means that it has a limited number of storage devices. Also, such a device will have less number of high-resolution video devices.

●Video output port

Because, The ryzen 5 1600 does not have any integrated graphics support system. This can be seen by the absence of G in the name of this model. Due to the absence of integrated graphics support, there is no need to connect a motherboard having a video output port.

● Audio

It is crucial to check that the best Mobo Ryzen 5 1600 has the required audio outputs. When going for your surround sound system, the presence of center and back speaker ports is a must. In case, you need an extra optical input for your audio device, you can go for a motherboard having such type of port. You can also attach a USB sound card or a PCIe device to increase the number of types of ports in it.

● M2 slots and SATA ports

If you want to get the quickest and easiest form for storing your SSD, you need to go with the M2 cards. But one thing to make sure of is that there are sufficient slots for the M2 cards in your motherboard.

● Form factor

There are three common factors in which a motherboard is available, the most commonly used among these is the ATX. You can also go for a Micro ATX or a Mini ATX form factor if you want to design a mini desktop system. But what you need to consider is that the smaller ATX form factors will come with lesser RAM slots, Lesser PCIe card slots, and won’t be able to support a lot of storage devices. These form factors have good compatibility with the standard ATX cases.

Top 8 picks for the best Mobo Ryzen 5 1600

In this section, we are going to review the top 8 motherboards that are always at the top of the list when we discuss the ryzen 5 1600 processing unit. You will find their key features, pros, cons, and a little description covering information regarding their memory, storage, sockets, plugs, design, and other important things. Continue reading if you are interested in knowing about all these.

1. ASUS Prime B350-Plus: Best Mobo Ryzen 5 1600

ASUS Prime B350-Plus AMD Ryzen AM4 DDR4 HDMI DVI VGA M.2 USB 3.1 ATX B350 Motherboard

Key features:

  •  The form factor is of ATX type.
  •  An AMD B350 chipset is available.
  •  Up to 64 GB DDR4 memory is supported.
  •  1 M2 slot is present.
  •  4 SATA slots are present.
  • Pros & Cons

    •  It comes at an attractive price.
    •  You will experience a low-power draw with this one.
    •  All the essential features are present.
    •  The performance of this motherboard is not very remarkable.
    •  Only basic features are present, no latest features are available.


The Asus Prime B350-Plus is a new addition to the list of best motherboards for everyone. The best match for this motherboard is the AM4 Ryzen processor which always needs something extraordinary to pair up with. The main purpose of this motherboard is to boost the performance of your processor.

Whether you want to attach your USB 3.1, go for DDR4 memory modules or find M.2 slots, this motherboard is the best fit for you. The best thing about this motherboard is the bundle of features it provides at very low pricing.

A lot of people complain about the high heat generated from motherboards and other computer parts and accessories. The solution to this problem is to switch to the part which has efficient fans and a cooling system installed in it. In this motherboard, you will find some local sensors for screening the internal temperature.

You will also get the PWM/DC mode option with 4 alternatives for the pins. This motherboard contains the Xpert 2+ fan which helps you in adjusting the clamor and speed of the fan individually. You might be thinking about the design of this product. Let me tell you that its sleek body contains LED lights with individual RGB header control.

2. GIGABYTE B450 AORUS PRO: Best Mobo Ryzen 5 1600

GIGABYTE B450 AORUS PRO Wi-Fi (AMD Ryzen AM4/ATX/M.2 Thermal Guard with Onboard Wi-Fi/HDMI/DVI/USB 3.1 Gen 2/DDR4/Motherboard)

Key features:

  •  4 DIMMs slots are present
  •  It comes with a smart fan feature
  •  Digital LED headers are present
  •  The AM4 socket type is present
  •  The ATX form factor is added to it.
  •  1 gigabit Ethernet network jack is added.
  • Pros & Cons

    •  It has multiple connectivity options
    •  Its pricing is very affordable
    •  The design and construction are fabulous.
    •  For extra protection, the I/O feature is added.
    • You will have to face OC limitations due to hardware defects.


The gigabytes manufacturers have a good reputation in the whole computer accessories production market. But a lot of people complain about the missing features in the B300 series, which is why the B400 series was introduced. In the Gigabyte B450 Aorus Pro, you will find various advanced features that will work excellently for you if you are really into using your systems. It has an extended frequency range for the AMD feature.

Also, it comes with the precision boost override feature which enhances your desktop user experience.

This Gigabyte B450 is the right pick for those who want to elevate the feel of their gaming experience. One thing to stay careful about when buying motherboards is to never go for super modest models as most of them have compromised thermal cooling execution.

Also, these fail to deal with the overclocking feature, unlike the traditional motherboards. But don’t worry, the Gigabyte B450 has got all these problems covered. The performance it exhibits purely justifies its pricing, so don’t get surprised to see the high price of this motherboard. Its amazing memory, excellent life, unique design, and efficient performance are some of the main reasons why we consider it the best mobo for the Ryzen 5 1600.

3. ASUS ROG Strix Z390-E Motherboard: Best Mobo Ryzen 5 1600

ASUS ROG Strix Z390-E Gaming Motherboard LGA1151 (Intel 8th 9th Gen) ATX DDR4 DP HDMI M.2 USB 3.1 Gen2 802.11AC Wi-Fi

Key features:

  •  It comes with the 8th generation Intel core processor.
  •  It contains the Z390 chipset.
  •  You can enjoy up to 4/64GB of DDR4 memory.
  •  This motherboard has an LGA 1151 type socket.
  •  An 8-phase power source is used in it.
  • Pros & Cons

    •  The internal software settings are remarkable.
    •  It comes with a good overclocking feature.
    •  Its performance is very efficient.
    •  This motherboard is a bit pricey.


Whenever buying a motherboard people make sure that the product they are purchasing has great build quality. Considering ASUS ROG Strix Z390-E will not just provide you with excellent build quality but also facilitate you with multiple modern features.

What makes this motherboard different from other varieties available in the market is the excellent overclocking options it provides. Moreover, it is also very attractive visually grabbing more attention from people.

An LGA 1151 socket is also provided with this motherboard that shows compatibility with both 8th and 9th Generation Intel core processors.

There are 4 DIMM slots installed in this product that support up to 64GB of DDR4 RAM. The performance speed is up to 4400MHz. Moreover, 6 SATA III ports, 1 USB 3.1 header, 4 PCI Express 3.0 slots, and 2 M.2 slots are also provided in this motherboard.

Another great thing about this motherboard is its excellent quality audio system that comes with the SupremeFX S1220A codec. The RGB lighting is also provided in this motherboard making it more attractive for gamers. This product is perfect if you are looking for excellent overclocking benefits and premium-quality construction in a motherboard.

4. Asus ROG Strix B350-I Gaming: Best Mobo Ryzen 5 1600

ASUS ROG STRIX B350-I GAMING AMD Ryzen AM4 DDR4 M.2 USB 3.1 mITX B350 Motherboard with 802.11ac Wi-Fi

Key features:

  •  It has the M-type ITX form factor.
  •  You will get dual M.2 ports in it.
  •  It is compatible with the 3.1 generation USB.
  •  This supports Aura Sync RGB.
  • Pros & Cons

    •  Its price is super affordable.
    •  It comes with a built-in cooling feature.
    •  The overclocking performance is remarkable.
    •  This motherboard has multiple networking options.


    Asus ROG Strix B350-I Gaming is very much like the ROG Strix X470-I Gaming. But one thing that is uncommon in both these boards is their chipset. Asus ROG Strix B350-I Gaming comes with a B350 chipset which is unlike the X470 chipset installed in the ROG Strix X470-I. This means that there is a significant price difference between both motherboards also.

    The Asus ROG Strix B350-I is comparatively budget-friendly as compared to ROG Strix X470-I. The reason why this is considered the best Mobo Ryzen 5 1600 motherboard is its dual NVMe M.2 ports available. You can take advantage of these ports for SSDs.

    Moreover, an M.2 audio combo card is also provided in this product which is good for offering excellent SupremeFX circuitry results.

    Moreover, it is also helpful in reducing internal interference. This product shows excellent compatibility with the Aura Sync RGB. This is beneficial for users if they want to customize the performance of their LED. An addressable RGB header and a 4-pin header are also installed in this motherboard to add more to the user’s convenience.

    Last but not least 5-way optimization technology is also provided by this motherboard with auto-tuning and FanXpert 4 cooling features.

    5. ASUS ROG Strix B450-F : Best Mobo Ryzen 5 1600

    ASUS ROG Strix B450-F Gaming Motherboard (ATX) AMD Ryzen 2 AM4 DDR4 DP HDMI M.2 USB 3.1 Gen2 B450

    Key features:

    •  This motherboard has AM4-type sockets.
    •  The B450 chipset enhances its performance.
    •  It has the ATX type form factor.
    •  This motherboard contains 2.0 HDMI video ports.
    • Pros & Cons

      •  This motherboard can overclock the 2700X processor effortlessly.
      • Integrating with a rear OI panel of its body.
      •  You will get panel LEDs in it.
      •  Not supporting wifi connectivity.
      •  There are no M.2 heatsinks in this motherboard.
      •  Its idle power consumption is very high.


    If you are looking for a mid-range motherboard to meet your gaming needs then ASUS ROG Strix B450-F is perfect for you. It belongs to the Republic of Gamers lineup and is trusted by millions of users out there. The best thing about this motherboard is that it supports both SLI and Crossfire multi-GPU configurations.

    Moreover, it features the SupremeFX S1220A audio to ensure the best sound quality results. This motherboard also has a 6+2 phase VRM and is compatible with a wide range of Ryzen processors. It can also be used with the Ryzen 7 2700X which is the flagship mainstream processor of the brand.

    Talking about the overall look of the motherboard it has a matte black body. Around the chipsets and PCI lustrous black stenciling is present. This board also displays ROG-related slogans attracting more people. The PCB and back panel are not facilitated with testing and overclocking tool. There are a total of eight USB ports on the rear of the motherboard for offering more versatility.

    You can also take advantage of the scrolling and rainbow effects with the help of ASUS software. This motherboard can efficiently maintain temperature and stay cool.

    6. ASUS ROG Strix B550-F

    ASUS ROG Strix B550-F Gaming (WiFi 6) AMD AM4 Zen 3 Ryzen 5000 & 3rd Gen Ryzen ATX Gaming Motherboard (PCIe 4.0, 2.5Gb LAN, BIOS Flashback, HDMI 2.1,...

    Key features:

    •  This motherboard has AM4-type sockets.
    •  It has 6 SATA ports.
    •  You will also get 4 LED diagnostic panels.
    •  This board has a supreme FX S1220A high definition audio codec.
    • Pros & Cons

      •  This supports 13-phase power delivery source.
      •  Its audio feature is of very excellent quality.
      •  This motherboard comes with a 2.5 Gbe LAN feature.
      •  It is not very good in price in terms of the basic features it offers.
    • Description:

    • ASUS ROG Strix B550-F has 14-phase power delivery, integrated Wi-Fi 6 AX200, and 6 SATA ports. Moreover, it also features 2.5 GbE LAN, 2 M.2 slots, and premium audio quality results. The best thing about the M.2 slots installed in this motherboard is that each one of them has a heatsink.

    • The reason why people are in love with this product is that the performance delivered by this motherboard is unmatched. No other product available in the market delivers the same performance. It also benefits the users with an optimized default set that helps the gamers enjoy a clock speed of up to 4.6 GHz.

    • This motherboard also shows excellent compatibility when used with the 12-core 24-thread Ryzen 9 3900X. This product is included in the list of full-sized ATX boards that is loaded with the most desirable features one can expect from a Best Mobo Ryzen 5 1600 motherboard.

    • There are 2 M.2 slots provided in this motherboard. One of these slots also features thermal solution coverage that helps in improved longevity and drives performance results. The VRM is also covered by heatsinks for reducing the chances of thermal throttling.

    • 7. MSI B450 Tomahawk MAX

    • MSI B450 Tomahawk MAX

    • Key features:

      •  This motherboard has 6 Gbps SATA ports.
      •  The audio boost feature enhances its audio quality.
      •  The AMD crossfire improves its functioning.
      • [i2pc show_title="true" title="Pros & Cons" show_button="false" pros_title="Pros" cons_title="Cons" ][i2pros]
      •  This motherboard has remarkable overclocking capabilities.
      •  You can attach multiple next-generation connectors with it.
      •  Designing its thermal design very well and comprehensive.[/i2pros][i2cons]
      •  You won’t get a wifi connection feature in it.
      •  This will not go well for expert gamers.


    Talking about the best Mobo Ryzen 5 1600 motherboards MSI B450 Tomahawk MAX is always considered the top priority. The main reason behind this is its affordability. When compared to other motherboards in the market this one is the most budget-friendly and makes no compromise on the features you look for in the best motherboards.

    Moreover, the performance delivered by this product is also future-proof. It shows good compatibility with all 3 generations of the Ryzen CPUs. An AM4 socket is also installed in it to ensure trouble-free performance. This motherboard shows a good resemblance with the Gaming PRO Carbon when talking about the price. The black layout of the MSI B450 Tomahawk MAX makes it more attractive.

    The aesthetic appeal of the product is enhanced even more due to its silvery/white accents. Another thing to keep in mind about this motherboard is that it has minimal use of RGBs and colors. So it is a perfect option for people looking for motherboards with a simple look and fewer colors. A powerful 4+2-phase power delivery solution is provided by this board giving high-performance results. It also comes with high-quality heatsinks for the best overclocking results.

    8. Asus Prime B450M-A

    ASUS Prime B450M-A/CSM AMD AM4 (3rd/2nd/1st Gen Ryzen Micro-ATX commercial motherboard (1Gb LAN, ECC Memory, D-Sub/HDMI/DVI-D, TPM header, COM port, ASUS...

    Key features:


    While, supplying The Asus Prime B450M-A by ASUSmanufactures this is the best motheroard. These manufacturers hold a big name in the production of high-quality, efficient, affordable, and reliable motherboards and other computer-related products.

    This motherboard encompasses excellent cooling powers which prevent overheating-related problems in it. Sho, using the fan Xpert2+ software which is very precious in terms of reliability. Moreover, this motherboard has 6 SATA ports which improve its connectivity feature.

    You will also find an ultra M.2 slot with up to 32 GB memory and 4 DIMM slots having up to 64 GB memory capacity. Its amazing RAM features a 3200 Mhz overclocking speed which works amazingly for any beginner or pro desktop system user. The best thing about this motherboard is the numerous slots it offers, which enhance its connectivity feature with other devices.

    FAQ: Best Mobo Ryzen 5 1600

    How can you differentiate between the ryzen 5 1600 and the ryzen 5 1600 F?

    The major difference between the Ryzen 5 1600 and the Ryzen 5 1600 F is that the first one is a Zen-based processor while the other one is a Zen-based CPU. This shows that the Ryzen 5 1600 F is more advanced and is capable of performing more tasks. But the Ryzen 5 1600 is also very critical for the functioning of your system.

    Can you use BB450 for your Ryzen 5 1600?

    Yes, you can use the B450 for your Ryzen 5 1600. The B450 chipset is compatible with only some Ryzen 5 1600 central processing units. So, if you want to get this chipset for you, make sure to confirm its compatibility.

    Is the Ryzen 5 1600 suitable for gaming?

    Yes, the Ryzen 5 1600 works excellently for gaming purposes. It is quite an old model but still, its features are sufficient enough to meet your gaming-related demands. But you will have to compromise on multiple features, so if you want the best gaming experience, you must try for newer and latest chipsets.

    To Wrap it Up: Best Mobo Ryzen 5 1600

    The motherboard is a critical part of your desktop, as it highly affects the performance, working, and speed of your system. The purpose of the motherboard is to link different elements within your computer. This is why it is critical to carefully pick your motherboard which has all the basic features, various ports, and required slots. Surely, this will impact the connectivity of your motherboard to other parts of the computer.

    Now that we have presented the top eight motherboards, it will be much easier for you to pick the best Mobo Ryzen 5 1600. Undoubtedly, all the products we have mentioned are excellent in quality and are all super compatible with this processor. But still, it is important to spend a good time properly researching everything. This is the only way you will be able to get the most out of your motherboard.

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