5 Best monitor size for gaming – An expert review

With the recent change in how games are valued, good graphics and a big enough screen are now a must. As well as a fast clock speed, a fast response rate, and a high number of threads, a gamer wants a clear, wide screen that shows him all the game’s features without sacrificing anything. You’ve come to the right page to find answers to all of your questions about gaming monitors.

Best monitor size for gaming a huge number in quantity. In this article, we will not only review these products, but we will also show you how to choose your monitor smartly. So let’s take a look at the review.

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List of 5 best monitor size for gaming

1. 27-inch gaming monitor–SAMSUNG Odyssey G7 Series

2. 32-inch gaming monitor – Acer Nitro XZ320Q Xbmiiphx

3. 34-38-inch gaming monitor – AOC CU34G2 Curved & Immersive Gaming Monitor

4. 42-inch gaming monitor – LG C2 OLED Cloud Gaming Monitor

5. 49-inch gaming monitor—Asus ROG Strix XG49VQ

1. 27-inch gaming monitor-SAMSUNG Odyssey G7-Best monitor size for gaming

SAMSUNG Odyssey G7 Series 27-Inch WQHD (2560x1440) Gaming Monitor, 240Hz, Curved, 1ms, HDMI, G-Sync, FreeSync Premium Pro (LC27G75TQSNXZA)

You get a bigger screen and excellent quality with a 27-inch monitor, but you’re still able to play casual or first-person-shooter games on it, making it the ideal display size for gaming. A specific subset of professional e-sports players favors this particular display size.

This stylish 27-inch Samsung Odyssey G7 Best Monitor size for gaming has a beautiful curved display, a 1440P display, and an incredible 240 Hz refresh rate. The monitor’s curvature is engineered so well that it offers maximum focus without causing wrenching eyes. Moreover, it uses every pixel from your video card so that you never run out of frames.

Additionally, with its QLED technology, every frame of a Samsung Odyssey picture is perfect for bright colors and the darkest blacks. Samsung’s QLED uses Quantum Dot technology for color reproduction, which gives 125 percent more color space than sRGB.

Pros & Cons

  • Amazing refresh rate
  • Standard size display cable ports
  • Silkiest gameplay at the highest resolutions
  • Needs cable management
  • Not for straight screen lovers

Our verdict-Best monitor size for gaming

This is the Best Monitor size for gaming for those who love to play games with excellent resolution. Moreover, with such a fantastic refresh rate, one can enjoy real gaming intimacy.

2. 32-inch gaming monitor – Acer Nitro XZ320Q Xbmiiphx

Acer Nitro XZ320Q Xbmiiphx 31.5

Your search for a 32-inch broad gaming monitor with a faster refresh rate of 240 Hz can come to an end after reading about the Acer Nitro XZ320Q. It has a variable refresh rate, which means that the graphics are as smooth as silk, and there is no screen tearing, flickering, or fuzzy images to distract the user.

It’s also curved like the Nitro models and looks great on your gaming desk, thanks to an adjustable circular mount that doesn’t take up much space. It also has a sturdy and stylish plastic case and a small stand. Also, the monitor’s height, tilt, and rotation can be changed by the user to give them the most comfortable viewing position.

Check out the remaining article if you’re interested in buying other dimensions aligned with your needs.

Pros & Cons

  • Excellent resolution and frame rate
  • Sturdy and adjustable stand
  • Adaptive sync
  • Lacks USB ports
  • A bit expensive

Our verdict-Best monitor size for gaming

In terms of performance and display, the Acer Nitro XZ320Q Xbmiiphx 32-inch monitor is matchless.

3. 34-inch gaming monitor – AOC CU34G2 Curved

& Immersive Best monitor size for gaming

ViewSonic XG2431 24 Inch Fast IPS Gaming Monitor, Full HD 1080p, Blur Buster 2.0 Certified, AMD FreeSync Premium, 240Hz 0.5ms, Height Adjustable, Eye Care,...

The AOC CU34G2 32-inch monitor has a curved shape for a comprehensive and focused gaming experience. A 144Hz refresh rate provides good game detail without any lag (it could be 240Hz in this price range). Not only that, but its pixel clarity will also leave you astonished. For instance, playing Tomb Raider in SDR mode on the CU34G2X is an absolute joy. Rock faces and metallic textures can be seen clearly on this fantastic monitor, thanks to the increased color and contrast.

Because the reds never seemed oversaturated and the crucial skin tones looked realistic, AOC does an excellent job with the color engineering here. The contrast between the light and dark areas of the image is also perfect. Moreover, seeing anything in the game’s darkest areas does not require using the shadow control option.

The stand is robust and offers 5-inch adjustability with a 30-degree swing to each side and a 21.5-degree back recline. Movements are solid and sure with no play.

And the control buttons are in the perfect area below on the right. They click solidly and are a bit challenging to operate by feel. On the good side, they don’t stand out conspicuously, although we truly wish they were more significant — or better still, substituted by a game controller.

Pros & Cons

  • Spring-loaded adjustable stand
  • Provides the best free sync experience
  • Attractive VA panel
  • 144 Hz refresh rate
  • Misses the remote controller

Our verdict-Best monitor size for gaming

It doesn’t have the most excellent design because the input buttons are replaceable with a remote controller. But with such a broad and focused gaming experience, this is the best gaming monitor at an affordable price.

4. 42-inch gaming monitor – LG C2 OLED Cloud Gaming Monitor-Best monitor size for gaming

LG 42-Inch Class OLED evo C2 Series Alexa built-in 4K Smart TV, 120Hz Refresh Rate, AI-Powered 4K, Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos, WiSA Ready, Cloud Gaming...

The LG C2 OLED is a high-end screen that follows the success of the LG C1 OLED. Like the C2, this OLED display is self-emissive, so it doesn’t need a backlight like the LCD panels on standard TVs. This implies that in dark settings, they may display an almost perfect contrast ratio, with deep blacks and no unpleasant blooming or haloing around bright objects.

Moreover, like previous LG gaming monitors, this game display has the webOS innovative interface, which has been considerably upgraded for 2022.

This monitor has introduced user profiles, among other minor adjustments. This year’s emphasis on gaming functionality supports game streaming through GeForce Now and Stadia. It is available in a wider variety of sizes than prior models, including the first 42-inch OLED display.

Pros & Cons

  • High-quality OLED display
  • Excellent reflection dealing
  • Amazing connectivity options
  • Sound quality could be better in this price range
  • Needs HDR10+ support

Our verdict-Best monitor size for gaming

It’s perfect for an extensive sitting and multiplayer setup. And employing a webOS innovative interface, it boasts an outstanding array of gaming capabilities. Additionally, its reduced input delay leads to a superb gaming experience.

5. 49-inch gaming monitor – Asus ROG Strix XG49VQ-Best monitor size for gaming

Asus ROG Strix XG49VQ 49” Curved Gaming FreeSync Monitor 144Hz Dual Full HD HDR Eye Care with DP HDMI Black

The Asus ROG Strix XG49VQ, with its jaw-dropping 1800R curve and 49″ diagonal size, is the last of the 5 best monitor size for gaming. It helps with racing, first-person shooters, and strategy games because it has space on both sides. Even though 1080p vertical resolution is good enough, some games work better on monitors with a slightly higher screen, like the AOC CU34G2 34-inch display.

Also, the Asus Gaming Monitor has two USB 3.0 ports and two HDMI 2.0 ports, which makes it easy to connect. You can also turn the screen, which doesn’t reflect light, making it a versatile gaming monitor.

Using a 144Hz refresh rate and Free sync technology, Asus wins the OSD competition because its interface is sleek, quick, and easy to use with the joystick.

The Asus ROG Strix XG49VQ was made with gaming in mind, and it is much better than others. Because of the original resolution, it will run fine on a sound graphics card. It is a great experience that is also easy to get to.

Pros & Cons

  • 1800R curved screen
  • Reasonable price
  • Faster response time
  • Plastic quality is common
  • Best for gaming only

Our verdict-Best monitor size for gaming

Super-wide ASUS ROG Strix XG49VQ has a lot of potential for an immersive gaming experience, so it could be your gaming partner.

Buyer’s guide for Best monitor size for gaming

Even though different games have different requirements, the guide below will help you choose the best gaming monitor for your needs and interests.

1. Display features-Best monitor size for gaming

Visuals are crucial in games. So, computer companies are working hard to give their customers the best experience possible by making new monitors that use the latest technology. So, computers started changing from CRO monitors to LCD monitors to LED monitors, and now the best display we can see is an OLED display.

• Monitor size-Best monitor size for gaming

When choosing a monitor, your comfort and the game’s details are the only things that matter. Single-player video games benefit from an average-sized display. However, large monitors are suitable for people who like playing games while lying on their couch, bed, or with others. From 21″ to 48″, there are a lot of different monitor sizes that are good for gaming.

• Screen type-Best monitor size for gaming

Conventional CRO picture screen monitors gave way to LCD screens, which gave way to LED screens, and now, OLED displays are the best we can find. An OLED display is the best choice for the best gaming experience, where you can enjoy every part of the game.

• Resolution-Best monitor size for gaming

1080P – It is the best resolution for 21-to-24-inch gaming monitors when you care more about how well your monitor does other things.

1440p – A 1440P gaming monitor is the only way to get a more accurate and detailed display than a 24″ monitor. Buying a monitor with 1440p pixel resolution is the best way to get the most out of your gaming experience for the least amount of money.

4K – The monitor and gaming industries love this resolution because it has 3840 x 2160 pixels. It shows up much more clearly than 1080P, no matter what size monitor you use. Because of this, most companies have put this resolution on even smaller “21”-sized monitors.

5K – This resolution enhances the quality of the images a little more than what we have seen in 4K, so it’s a popular choice for folks who want to upgrade their screens.

8K – There is no need to purchase the best Monitor size for gaming with 8K pixels, but if your budget is not an issue, you can experience the highest resolution.

• Aspect ratio-Best monitor size for gaming

It would help if you chose the aspect ratio wisely to get the most out of a monitor’s resolution. As it tells how many pixels can fit in one inch on a monitor (PPI). It’s in charge of making the screen look clear and accurate. The aspect ratio also defines how large the objects and text would appear on the screen.

I like 100 PPI because it’s cheaper and gives me a better experience. You can also use the DPI calculator to check it yourself. The most common aspect ratio is 16:9, which can be used for almost all monitor resolutions.

• Brightness-Best monitor size for gaming

Brightness is the amount of light a gaming monitor puts on the screen. It can be measured in nits, equal to the number of candles per square meter. Most monitors of medium quality have between 250 and 300 nits of brightness. But you can find as much as 1600 nits of brightness on HDR and even UHD monitors. Your intelligence is like the lights in your room: you can choose the one that works best for you.

• Color gamut-Best monitor size for gaming

A monitor can show a certain percentage of the colors in a color space. It has two technologies: Adobe RGB, which shows colors in the real world, and sRGB, which shows typical solid colors. These are important for graphic design, art, and gaming in the same way.

2. Performance

Gaming without lagging is the desire of every gamer, and it depends on various performance parameters, including,

• Refresh rate

The refresh rate is how often a second screen updates itself, affecting how fast an object moves and how clear and balanced its colors are. Any game where the number of frames per second involves the refresh rate section is a must. The best refresh rates for most games are between 144Hz and 240Hz.

• Response time

It is the amount of time required by a pixel for its color transition. The better the response rate is for gamers, the faster it is. A gaming monitor’s best pixel response rate is between 5ms and 3ms.

• Viewing angle

View angle, as the name indicates, tells us how far to the left or right of the center of the screen one can see the screen without any distortion.

3. Panel technology

• TN

Stands for twisted pneumatic displays are the basic ones, and they are known for their excellent gaming performance if one doesn’t bother with the screen angle or color sharpness.

• VA

The VA technology in monitors is also suitable for gaming, but one can experience ghosting in the visuals. They are also available in the market with the names PVA or MVA.


They have faster response times, better refresh rates, and colors that look like real life. So, IPS monitors are the most expensive, but they are worth the money.

4. Screen shape

Depending on the screen shape, monitors are divided into two types,

• Straight display

Straight displays are the most common type, and they are easy to use. Graphic displays can give you a more comprehensive range of viewing angles than curved ones.

• Curved display

Curved displays give you a more immersive experience than straight ones.

Type of ports

One of the most important things to consider when buying a gaming monitor is whether or not it has the correct ports for your needs. For example, if you want a 60Hz refresh rate, you’d need at least one HDMI 2.0 port. In the same way, display ports tell you how many pixels your monitor has. For example, a display port connector 1.2 is suitable for 1080p or 1440p, but you’ll need a display port 1.4 for more pixels.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best monitor size for gaming?

Although the choice of monitor size depends on the user, most gamers like the 27-inch display – That’s because you get an extensive range of performance and display specifications at this site.

Is a curved screen better for gaming?

It is gentler on the eyes and provides a better, more pleasant viewing experience for people who like simulation games versus those who prefer action games.


If you are new to gaming, we recommend a 27-inch monitor with a 144Hz refresh rate. However, after reading this article about the 5 best monitor sizes for gaming, you can pick the size that works best for you. Also, it is important to know if your motherboard will fit in your case. if your motherboard will fit in your case. Did you learn something from this article? Tell us in the section for comments.

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