Best Motherboards for Intel i7-4770


Unquestionably the primary item, Best Motherboards For Intel i7-4770, is something you ought to buy based on your CPU. The performance of a different PC system is increased by CPU and motherboard compatibility. Despite appearing to be an older model, the Intel Core i7-4770, a fantastic processor for gaming, still performs thanks to its four … Read more

z170 Best Motherboard


There are several distinct factors to consider while selecting a z170 Best Motherboard. Additionally, various products are available on the market nowadays, making it difficult to choose the best one to meet your demands. This article will assist you in identifying your monitor’s requirements and recommend three well-known types. Z170 motherboard can come in various … Read more

Can a Motherboard Bottleneck?


You often face the bottleneck problem when part of your system gives a slower performance as compared to the performance of the system overall. This ultimately leads to a slowdown in the overall performance of the system. Now many people have this question in mind whether can a motherboard bottleneck GPU or not. On a … Read more

How to Know if a Motherboard will Fit in your Case?


People usually overlook the dimensions when building a PC. They have a misconception in mind that all motherboards can fit into all cases. They think that the size of motherboards is universal full stop but this is not true. So when people find out about this problem then they are worried about how to know … Read more

Testing Motherboard Without CPU– A Professional Guide


The motherboard is a significant part of your computer. All of the other components connect to it. If your motherboard doesn’t work, none of your other components will work properly. You might have to test your motherboard without a CPU for many reasons. For this reason, most people test their motherboards without the CPU mounted … Read more

ASRock Motherboard HDMI Not Working – A Detailed Analysis


The High-Definition Multimedia Interface, or HDMI, is primarily used to transmit audio and video information between an HDMI-compliant device and a display. If this HDMI port doesn’t work, the computer screen won’t get any data. The motherboard is often called the computer’s “brain.” Without a properly functioning motherboard, desktop computers were useless. What if the … Read more