Eraser Tool Not Working Photoshop – An Expert Guide

Photoshop’s eraser serves as one of the program‘s most useful features. It lets you eliminate unwanted parts of an image or other Photoshop file. It removes single pixels from images. You can use the Eraser tool to clean up an image or eliminate anything you don’t want. When you run into problems like the “Eraser tool not working Photoshop,” it can be annoying. Sometimes the Eraser Tool becomes unresponsive after you disable a layer thumbnail.

This is only one potential issue that may arise while employing this tool. The Photoshop Eraser Tool is notoriously hard to use, so let’s look at some of the more typical problems and the solutions that usually work.


Why Isn’t Photoshop’s Eraser Tool Working?

The following are some potential causes for your Photoshop eraser tool not working:

Selection of image part

You may have accidentally chosen or forgotten to deselect a part of your image. Also, You may have tried out the marquee, lasso, magic wand, and quick selection tools for making selections. You can only delete or change pixels inside the selected area. When you select such a small part of your image, the edge of the selection becomes invisible.

Layer Mask

When you use an eraser on a mask layer that is also active and selected, the mask is erased instead of the image or standard layer underneath it.

Using the brush, you chose and the parameters you set for it

One possible explanation is that your brush has less transparency or flow than the one you’re using. If you do this, you will only get a good brush, even if you set the brush’s opacity to 100%. Likewise, you may need to alter the settings on your computer.

Layer Locked

Photoshop will show you an error message if you try to use the erase tool on a locked layer.

Duplicate image.

The layer you’re trying to delete may contain duplicates, or the background may have pixels similar to those in the target area. If the layers above or below your current layer look the same as your current layer, you may need to know it to erase your image.

Fixes for “Photoshop eraser tool not working”

Eraser Settings:

It’s possible that the eraser brush won’t function as intended (or at all) with your preferred method of operation. If the eraser brush is set too slightly in the Options menu’s “Brush Settings,” it will only appear to remove a tiny number of pixels.

Make sure the brush size is adequate for the task at hand. Maximizing hardness’s potential is the best way to experience its full benefits. If the brush isn’t soft enough, you won’t be able to see where you’ve erased. To recover the erased areas, increase the level of difficulty.

Flow Settings

Adjusting the transparency and the flow is also very important. To fully appreciate the eraser, you must set both flow and transparency to 100%. In the main menu, you’ll find the flow and transparency controls. You can maximize either setting by dragging the toggle.

Make sure the Layers Panel has a layer selected.

If you don’t choose a layer in the Layers panel, you can only use the brushes, not the eraser. Ensure the appropriate layer is selected in the Layers panel once you start erasing. Chosen layers are highlighted in a softer gray and have a white boundary around the image. Layer masks are required for the eraser tool to function, so keep this in mind.

Make Sure Your Layer Isn’t a Smart Object

You could have complications if you use a smart object and accidentally delete a layer section. The warning message suggests that the smart objects cannot be changed in their current state. To fix this, you’ll need to use the Eraser Tool on the smart object separately from the rest of your document. To check if a layer is a smart object, go to the panel labeled “Layers.” Double-click its Smart Object icon in the thumbnail preview, or select the following: from the main menu to edit a smart object.

1. Layer

2. Smart Objects

3. Edit Components

Enable Your Layer

The background overlay automatically locks when you create a new file in Photoshop. It is also possible to accidentally close a layer. The eraser stops working whenever a layer is stuck. When using the eraser on a locked layer, you won’t see transparency where you delete pixels; instead, you’ll see white regions. Your issue will go away once you’ve enabled your layer.

Uncheck Selected Areas

Any attempted deletions of pixels outside the selection’s bounds will fail. Remove any selections and their borders from the image. All the pixels contained within the ant march are inaccessible.

These are the most common reasons why an eraser might break. Following these easy steps, your eraser should be as good as new.

Frequently Asked Questions

In Photoshop, how do I get rid of eraser marks?

There are several options available for getting rid of eraser marks in Photoshop. The clone stamp feature is one option. Select a portion of the image that does not contain any eraser marks, and then use the clone stamp tool to apply that portion of the image to the eraser marks.

How do I reset Photoshop’s, Eraser Tool?

The eraser is a staple in any Photoshop user’s toolkit. It helps make all sorts of artistic effects, including erasing pixels from an image. Don’t worry if you need help remembering how to reset the eraser tool.

What Is the Best Way to Use Photoshop’s Eraser Function?

The Photoshop eraser is just like the eraser on a pencil, so anyone who has used a pencil will feel right at home using it. You can use the eraser to eliminate any stray pencil marks or unwanted clipart in your work. Removing or highlighting specific areas of an image with the eraser tool also can produce striking effects.


There are several possible causes for the “Eraser tool not working in Photoshop” error, but you can fix it by following the above steps. If none of those work, you may have a bug in your copy of Photoshop. If you’re having trouble with Photoshop, you can contact Adobe Support or update to a newer program version. I hope the information in this article helps explain why the eraser wasn’t functioning in Adobe Photoshop. Please ask away if you have any more inquiries. We are eager to respond to any queries.

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