Graphics Card Making Noise When Playing Games – How to Fix?

The graphics processing units (GPUs) in today’s gaming PCs are pretty impressive, and together they make for mighty machines. These systems are beneficial, especially for playing the latest high-end games that require a lot of graphics power. But one problem that most gaming enthusiasts complain about is that their graphics card making noise when playing games.

Your GPU does sometimes make a sharp whirring sound, which is true. It’s possible that the noise is coming from buzzing coils or broken GPU fans. Whatever may be the reason, we are going to provide you with the most effective fixes to this problem. However, before discussing the solutions, we’d tell the main reasons for this noise coming from the graphics card. Let’s read the article to comprehend it efficiently.


Easy Fixes – Graphics Card Making Noise When Playing Games

It is very unpleasant that loud noise from your PC always irritates you whether you are playing games or working on your computer. So, let’s find out the potential causes and the fixes of Graphics Card Making Noise When Playing Games.

1. The Coil Whining


An irritating noise called “coil whine” can come from any peripheral having an external power source. These devices may include a video card. The noise coming from your graphics card sounds like electricity buzzing at high frequencies. Some individuals experience a hissing noise., like a teapot, and others hear a screeching sound, like when you rub things together.

A coil whine is a result of electrical current moving through the electrical components of your CPU. As, when current passes from the coils of an inductor, the coils start to shake.

When the coil moves against the inductor core, and you can hear it, it makes a whining sound. The frequency of the current flowing through coils changes based on the system’s load; therefore, the sound due to vibrations also changes.

A whining coil could also be caused by a bad solder connection on the motherboard, though this happens less often. The sound may be audible even with the background’s low rumble of the graphics processing unit.


Wait for the GPU to Adjust in the PC

The new GPUs often have a noise of coil whine, but it usually goes away or gets less over time. So, before trying any tiresome and expensive fixes, you should wait at least two days after installing your GPU. Nothing wrong with your GPU that causes the coil to whine, so it won’t cause any problems once it’s set up in your CPU.

Always have Updated GPU Drivers

GPU drivers that are out of date or broken could be messing with your GPU’s fans, so it is better to change them before you try more complicated fixes.

Avoid Unnecessary Overclocking

You may know that overclocking the video cards puts more stress on the part and its other components. This causes the inductors to vibrate too much when the card is being used, which makes an annoying coil whine. The graphics processing unit is running too fast. Put it back to how it was when it was made.

Check for the Solder Connection

If after all the listed fixes you still listening to a coil whining sound, it is better to check for the solder connections of your GPU. This would help you in case your graphics card making noise when playing games.

2. The Faulty Fan Of the GPU


A GPU’s default fan curve might be the reason for the strange sound you hear when playing games on your PC. The best way is to physically examine your GPU to figure out the actual problem.


The followings are some of the solutions for the problems associated with the Faulty fan of your GPU.

GPU Inspection

  • Firstly, turn off your computer and unplug it.
  • Open the side panel of your case to access your GPU
  • Check the GPU for any frayed or disconnected wires. If you find one, fix it at once.
  • Listen closely for anything that may have been caught in the fan’s moving parts.
  • If the GPU fans spin unevenly or one moves slower than usual, this might indicate a problem with the fan bearing. So, replace the bearing.

Cleaning the Untidy Heatsink Fan

If the fans on the heatsink of your graphics card’s case are always spinning fast, it could mean that the case itself isn’t doing a good job of keeping your PC’s parts cool, including your graphics card. One possible reason is the dust and other things which are getting in the way of the fans.

If you haven’t cleared the case fans in a while, use compressed air to do so. You could also employ a paintbrush. If the fans still don’t turn as fast after being cleaned well, it’s likely that they need a replacement. So, you can replace the fan by simply following the steps given below.

Change the Default Fan Curve

So, you can replace the fan by simply following the steps given below.

  • When the GPU app opens, choose the gear icon.
  • To control how the computer’s fans, work automatically, go to the Settings menu and click on the Fan tab.
  •  You can make small changes to the fan curve to get the GPU to run cooler at higher fan speeds. Changes that are very significant could cause your graphics card to get too hot.
  •  If the noise keeps going on, try playing some games while using Afterburner to keep an eye on the fan’s temperature and speed.
  •  The GPU’s fan speed sensor might be broken and needs to be fixed.

After all these fixes we are 100 percent sure that you will have a perfect solution for graphics card making noise when playing games.

FAQ: Graphics Card Making Noise When Playing Games

Why is my graphics card making a whining noise?

Since voltage spikes cause coil whining, it is clear that there is something wrong with the power grid. This voltage jolts capacitors at very high frequencies, making the coil whine. Even if the graphics card usually causes annoying noise, it is still possible that the card is not to blame.

Is GPU coil whine harmful?

The noise made by the coils doesn’t hurt the way the card works or how long it will last. Coil whining happens when the coil of an inductor vibrates from the flow of electricity. A high-end graphics card would need at least ten big inductors to power the most critical parts.

Will the coil whine go away?

The coil whining is a sign that something is wrong with your GPU. It depends on how long it lasts and if it gets better or worse. Depending on what’s going on, the whining of a coil might get weaker or stop altogether.

This whining sound could happen for hours, days, or weeks. Sometimes, it will stay, so you’ll need to find the solutions we’ve already discussed.


A graphics card making noise when playing games can irritate and make you worry about your GPU. But now that you know that this is normal, you shouldn’t worry too much—most of the time, the buzzing sound results from a coil whining, which is normal. A good comparison would be the noise that the electrical wires above make. The graphics processing unit (GPU) gets a lot of loads during gaming, so it needs a more powerful power supply.

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