Top Four Heavy Duty Office Chairs

Are you tired of replacing the broken chairs at your workplace because of heavy people? Do you find it difficult to get the best quality heavy-duty office chairs for bulky people at your office?

You are at the right place because this post contains plenty of information that will be helpful for you. Along with considering the quality, price, material, and capacity, you have to know the weight-bearing capacity of these chairs. Your best computer chair for big guys is super easy to choose if you consider the factors mentioned in the post.

Also, we have collected information for the top four computer chairs which will go amazingly with your office needs. so let’s get into the details.


What factors to consider to get the Best Computer Chair For Big Guys?

While purchasing your heavy-duty office chairs, you must consider the following factors:

● Weight-bearing capacity-Best Computer Chair For Big Guys

The most important factor to consider when buying a heavy-duty office chair is to check its weight-bearing capacity. A chair that holds 400 lbs or even more than this, is a perfect choice. This is also the threshold value for the males as per ANSI/BIFMA standards.

These organizations are the pioneers in the office furniture standards. The best thing about chairs holding this capacity is that they offer high sturdiness and reliability even if you are under 400 lbs.

● Construction, base, and durability-Best Computer Chair For Big Guys

If you have some bulky workers in your office that means you must get the best computer chairs for big guys. If a big person will keep sitting on the chair throughout the whole day it will ultimately end up in compiling the chair. So you must ensure that the chair you are buying has high-quality construction and is durable enough to support the weight of big or tall people. Most people do not consider it but base it also an important factor to keep in mind when buying an office chair.

A 5-star base is the best when looking for optimal weight. The construction material for the base should be heavy-duty metal or reinforced resin for prolonged durability and reliability. Smooth dual wheel casters are also important to look for especially those that are rotatable to 360 degrees.

● Customer reviews-Best Computer Chair For Big Guys

You can not guess the quality of an office chair by just looking at it on your phone. To get the best idea of the quality, customer reviews are the most helpful. The reviews left by people who have already bought the chair and are using it will help you decide if you should get it or not.

With this, you will be also able to find out the cons of the chair that have been missed by the manufacturer to list in the description.

● Width and depth of the seat

Seat width and depth are also important to consider especially for people who weigh more than their normal body capacity. Or for those who have a unique body physique with broad body structure. For them, the heavy-duty office chairs with larger width are the best. Moreover to avoid constant numbing problems the width of the chair should also be kept in mind. And it should be suitable enough for using up to hours.

As per the ANSI/BIFMA guidelines, 22 inches is the preferable standard for the width of an office chair. The minimum depth of 20 inches for the backrest and 19 inches for the seat is also recommended by the standard protocol.

● Cushioning

Feeling comfortable while sitting on your office chair for many hours is very important. A lousy cushion can be the worst thing hindering your comfort and ease during work. In addition to this, you might also want the long-lasting power of your chair to be very high.

But cushions are the main thing that gets damaged with use in the case of low-quality chairs. To avoid these situations high-density foam cushioning is the best to choose, with a minimum thickness of 2.5 inches. You can also check out best skylake CPU compatible with your motherboard.

Top five Best Computer Chair For Big Guys

The heavy-duty office chairs which can support you excellently when working on your computer are what we are always looking for. This section presents the top five products with amazing features and unique designs so that you can easily choose your best computer chair for big guys from all these options available.

Let’s get into the details of their features, benefits and also lackings you will get with the chair.

1. POWERSTONE Big & Tall Executive Best Computer Chair For Big Guys

POWERSTONE Big & Tall Executive Office Chair High-Back Computer Desk Chair Leather Adjustable Swivel Chair with Armrest and Lumbar Support (29

Powerstone Big and Tall Executive Office Chair always come on the list of the best computer chairs for big guys. Here are some details of this chair.


Some features of using this chair include:

● The wide and spacious seat is super fit for fat and heavy people.
● You can easily use it for a person weighing a maximum of 330 pounded people.


Pros & Cons

  • ● It comes with a padded body to increase the thickness and comfort.
  • ● The leather body provides easy cleaning.
  • ● The lumbar pillow on this chair is not detachable.
  • ● It has no headrest feature.


The first thing we look for in a chair is surely its material and how much that material will be comfortable for us. This power stone chair has a smooth, breathable, and resilient material which is excellent in every way. It is easy to clean, smooth to use, and effortless to maintain.

To make your sitting more comfortable and easy, it has a high-density sponge that is soft and thick. This thing is very beneficial when you have to provide your body with comfort in your 9 to 6 jobs, where all you have to do is to work on your computers. Just imagine sitting on a hard chair without any spongy seat for yours, hard, isn’t it?

Another thing is that you can adjust its backrest angle from 90 to 120 degrees as per your demand. This makes sitting on heavy-duty office chairs easier even for many hours. This thing is crucial especially when you have to move your head repeatedly to see the computer screen or communicate with your fellows. Also, at 120 degrees, this chair provides you with good enjoyment with the rocking feature.

2. High Back Big and Tall Home Executive Office Chair with Arm Rest

High Back Big and Tall Home Executive Office Chair with Padded Armrests, Adjustable Height and Tilt Angle Large PU Leather Ergonomic Computer Swivel...

The High Back and Tall Home Executive Office Chair with Arm Rest is the best computer chair for big guys. If you are interested in knowing more about its benefits, go through the given details.


This chair comes with the following key features:

  •  Due to its easy-to-adjust height, you can use it for different heights people.
  •  To enhance the feel and appearance of the chair, it is coated with a durable silver sheen.

Pros & Cons

    •  Its lift mechanism allows you to adjust the height of the chair as per your requirement.
    •  The super comfortable cushion provides extra comfort to the user.
    •  The noise-free caster wheels made of nylon make moving this chair easier.
  •  The headrest of this chair is not convenient to use.
  •  It is not easy to assemble, because the parts are not properly cut to fit perfectly into each other.


Working on a computer for hours while sitting in your office is never an easy task, but it can be made easier if you are sitting correctly. Here is where this high back big and tall home executive office chair will help you. One amazing thing about this chair is that it is abrasion and corrosion resistant, which increases its life and durability.

For your convenience, there are many features in this best computer chair for big guys, but the most prominent is the comfortable spring. This spring allows you to adjust and fix your chair upwards or downwards so that its height matches the height of your computer screen.

When you are giving hours to your work, you have to stay careful about your health also. The worst thing about using a computer is the way it affects your back., but this chair will make things easier for you. The height lift feature helps you the best match to see the computer screen without causing any damage to your eyesight.

3. Horshod Ponyo Office Chair, Ergonomic Desk Chair with Flip-up Armrests

Horshod Conference Room Ponyo Office, Ergonomic Desk Breathable Mesh Computer Chair with Flip up Armrests, Black

The Horshod Ponyo Office Chair is famous for its following features:

  •  Its stable and solid base keeps the chair in its place providing stability to the user.
  •  Its soft and comfy seat is built ergonomically to reduce the pressure on your lower back.

Pros & Cons

    •  With its 360 degrees swivel rolling casters, you can easily switch its places.
    •  This seat allows you to support a person weighing up to 275 lb.
  •  Due to multiple features, its price is not that reasonable.


If you are super concerned about your body’s posture, your back’s position, and other things, this household Ponyo office chair will work magically for you. Not only these things, but the thick pads on its armrest make resting your arm easier and more comfortable.

Similarly, the correct position of your head is also important so that you can focus on your computer screen without getting tired. So, to position your head accurately, a headrest is attached at the top which is soft and padded also.

The high back lumbar support adjusts easily with the curves of your back to provide you comfort and flexibility. This feature is very good for people who are suffering from back problems or for anyone who gets tired quickly.
With the heavily padded armrest, you can stretch your exams for a good time.

4. Home Office Chair Ergonomic Desk Chair Height Adjustable Swivel Chair with Lumbar Support

Home Office Chair Ergonomic Desk Chair Mesh Computer Chair Modern Height Adjustable Swivel Chair with Lumbar Support/Flip-up Arms, Black

A Home Office Chair Ergonomic Desk Chair is surely remarkable in terms of quality, comfort, and long life. Read below to know more about it.


From the multiple features of this chair, here we will be mentioning some of the most considerable ones:

  •  You can set up this super quick and simple chair within 15 minutes even without any professional’s help.
  •  The breathable, soft, and smooth mesh fabric adds extra comfort to this chair.


Pros & Cons

    •  The flip-up arms make your arm resting experience easier and more convenient.
    •  The price of this chair is very suitable to get all the features in it.
  •  Quality of the wheels is not very good.


Operating a computer might look like a fun experience but this is not always the case when you are doing this thing in your office for many hours. To make this task easier for you, the heavy-duty office chairs come with flip-up arms. This feature allows you to adjust the position of the arms as per your convenience. Also, you can easily fit this chair under the desk by retracting its arms.

Whenever we purchase any product, we surely think of how to maintain it. The super soft and comfy mesh fabric of this chair is easy to clean, comfortable to sit on, and simple to maintain. Also, due to its elasticity, this material is durable as it doesn’t tear easily and can handle even heavy people easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose the best office chair for big guys?

When choosing an office chair for your height and heavy workers, the width of the seat is crucial to consider. The appropriate width is around 16 inches or greater than this.

What should be the height of the backrest?

There is not a specific value for the headrest of your chair, but the important thing to check is that it must be adjustable. This means that you can change it according to your need.

What is the appropriate height of heavy-duty office chairs for tall people?

The answer varies according to your height. For a person taller than 6 ft, the seat’s height should be 20 inches, while for a person taller than 7 ft, it should be 24 inches.


Now that you have sufficient information about the top 4 computer chairs for your office, you can easily pick your desired best computer chair for big guys. Making all of them with good quality, including adjustable headrests, padded or non-padded armrests, and super soft mesh material.

But these heavy-duty office chairs prove to be beneficial for your place only if you maintain them properly, so make sure that you go for the one which demands easy maintenance. Check out this link to know about the best motherboard for GTX 1070 in 2022.

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