Top 10 Best Quiet Keyboard for Gaming in 2022

A constant clicky sound can be very annoying when you’re deeply engaged in your favorite game. The sound is not only distracting, but it can also turn a winning battle into a losing one. As a result, having a quiet gaming keyboard is essential, especially for pro players.

You’re going to be blown away by the gaming keyboards in 2022. They are alluring due to their features, which include wrist support, specialized multimedia studs, vibrant RGB lighting, and barely audible clicky sounds. Additionally, we discovered the Logitech G915 to be the best quiet keyboard for gaming during our try-and-test process.

To help you decide which board to buy, I felt the need to mention that whenever I write a product review, I try to provide a summary of the features in a way that is useful in everyday life. So, without further ado, let’s start our review of the best quiet keyboard for gaming.

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1-Razer BlackWidow Elite

Razer BlackWidow Elite Mechanical Gaming Keyboard: Yellow Mechanical Switches - Linear & Silent - Chroma RGB Lighting - Magnetic Wrist Rest - Dedicated...

The mechanical Razer BlackWidow Elite, the market leader, is well known for its superior quality. The keys have been made much quieter by the addition of loop stabilizers. Military-grade metal is used to construct its body.

Additionally, they use wider light shells rather than light strips give the RGB an excellent and appealing effect even though it only slightly glows. Further, multimedia-specific keys are located on the top right side of the keyboard, and to the right is a multi-purpose digital dial with volume control and an easy-to-use mute button.

Within their software, you can change the functionality of the digital dial-up to launch programs or just key bind to specific effects or programs. You can change the functionality of the Digital dial-up in their software so that it can execute particular programs or be key-bound to particular effects or programs.

You can use it for color correction, scrolling up and down a page, navigating between windows on your desktop, and other things. It’s a handy little tool. All these are exclusive features of this keyboard.

A USB pass-through and an audio pass-through are two additional features that set the Razer BlackWidow Elite apart from similar products. These features allow you to plug in headphones, a flash drive, or a mouse without running another cable across your desktop. Furthermore, underneath, there are five rubber pads to prevent the keyboard from sliding around and a cable gutter to manage the keyboard’s thick cable.

Pros & Cons

    •  Detachable magnetic wrist rest with padding is included in the price.
    •  High-quality material and smooth functionality.
    •  Two feet to elevate the backside with two different levels of height adjustment.
  •  The cable is thick and stiff, making it difficult to tuck it in the cable gutter and route it.
  •  The smoothing lubricant underneath the key can occasionally get on the finger and ultimately coat the keys.

2- Logitech G915

Logitech G915 LIGHTSPEED RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, Low Profile GL Tactile Key Switch, LIGHTSYNC RGB, Advanced LIGHTSPEED Wireless and Bluetooth...

Logitech is fast, designed to eliminate latency, and wireless to provide a clean and tidy system setup. It is intended to be highly responsive. If you prefer a wired connection, a USB pass-through is also provided. It is a sleek, low-profile, and quiet gaming keyboard.

The company used high-performance mechanical switches that were half the physical height of standard mechanical switches for gamers. The bright RGB lights make it an excellent gaming keyboard. It has RGB adjustment buttons, media keys, a volume wheel, and a gaming button to turn off the menu on the top row.

Most gamer-marketed key switches on the market are linear, spongy, and uncomfortable. Logitech, on the other hand, has a nice, subtle, tactile bump in them. It’s similar to a Brown switch. The keys are not light; instead, they are heavy and powerful. As a result, the noise they make is barely audible.

Its tactile switcher is significantly quieter and does not require a hard press to register keys. Overall, I’d call it the quiet gaming keyboard.

Pros & Cons

    •  There is no latency in the wireless system.
    •  The battery backup can last for more than a month.
    •  Specifically designed for gaming. Its 10 keyless, which frees up more space on your desk for mousing
  •  A pricey keyboard.

3- NPET K10 Gaming Keyboard

ROCCAT Vulcan TKL Linear PC Gaming Keyboard, Titan Switch Mechanical with Per Key AIMO RGB Lighting, Tenkeyless, Compact Design, Anodized Aluminum Top Plate...This mechanical feeling membrane keyboard promises faster response, less noise, and a better gaming experience overall. Made from ABS plastic and metal to prevent warping. It also has UV-coated and laser-injected ABS keycaps to keep the letters from fading. I must say, this keyboard is both stylish and functional.

Additional features include a water-resistant design, an automatic shut-off after ten minutes of inactivity, and an automatic power-saving mode. It has a good sound level and isn’t too clicky so it won’t be too annoying. However, it is not entirely silent, so you hear some of the sounds that I love to hear. There are also five rubber pads in the corners and one at the bottom. It is slightly elevated and has two kickstands.

You will see some lovely RGB lights once you have plugged everything in. The RGB lights are cycled through using multiple combination keys. The led button, for example, allows us to cycle through the solid color patterns. To add flavor, access the various breathing modes using the fn key in conjunction with the led key. There is also the option to change the breathing speed and the lighting from brighter to softer.

In general, you will like the sensation of typing. This keyboard is perfect for gaming and a performer for other working tasks. The fn and multimedia control buttons can be used together with function keys. If you’re a neat freak, you can remove the keycaps using the included keycap removal tool.

Pros & Cons

    •  Elegant and slim in appearance.
    •  Bright RGB backlights.
    •  Cleaning the board is simple.
  •  The spacebar is somewhat rigid.
  •  There is no separate button for multimedia control.

4- Corsair Strafe RGB Mk. 2

CORSAIR STRAFE RGB MK.2 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - USB Passthrough - Linear and Quiet - Cherry MX Red Switch - RGB LED Backlit-17.6 x 6.61 x 1.57 inches

The MK 2 is a sleek and quiet gaming keyboard. The Strafe RGB MK. 2’s key switches are either Cherry MX Red or Cherry MX Silent. Both are considered silent switches, but Cherry MX Silent takes over. Cherry MX delivers flawless vital presses. Cherry is the gold standard for mechanical switches, which gives the Strafe RGB MK.2 an advantage.

The software controls the multimedia, so you can make it any color you want and use any effect you want. The company added dedicated media buttons in the upper right corner and a volume knob rolling button to adjust the volume.

Additionally, a smooth and cozy detachable wrist rest is included. Although it is not attached by default, it is in the box, and you can clip it on. It’s not magnetic, though. It also secures itself on the keyboard with a snap and stays there for quite a while. Although it is made of a material with a soft-touch, durable, matte finish, it is undoubtedly plastic and not rubber.

Corsair always released keyboards with red or brown switches in the previous iteration; blue switches were added later but only available in a few keyboards. Now you get the entire switch lineup for your RGB MK 2. Their well-known cherry speed switches, the reds, blues, and Browns, are available.

You also have hardware playback, a backlit logo, all switch types, and an entirely different aluminum and white keyboard that looks fantastic.

Pros & Cons

    •  Constructed with Cherry MX Silent switches, which offer incredibly smooth, tactile-free typing.
    •  Includes a few extra keycap sets with textures
    •  Available in black and silver colors.
  •  Although a little pricey, the quality and functionality are cutting-edge.

5- SteelSeries Apex Pro

SteelSeries Apex 5 Hybrid Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – Per-Key RGB Illumination – Aircraft Grade Aluminum Alloy Frame – OLED Smart Display (Hybrid Blue Switch)

The most buttery-smooth and quiet gaming keyboard is SteelSeries. The main selling point for these keyboards is the new Omni point switches, which let you alter the key actuation point using magnets and software. The fastest switch is a liner switch because it operates smoothly and more quickly than cherry speed and other standard switches. This can give you the feeling of moving faster in the game.

As with other keyboards, there is a USB pass-through for plugging peripherals and flash drives. It includes an attachable wrist rack made of very soft, cushionless rubber. As an additional feature, a multimedia wheel is located next to the new and exciting OLED screen. Pressing the illuminated menu button below the wheel gives you access to the menu on OLED.

You can go into the menu and adjust things like the RGB lighting on the board for picking through the effects to static colors. You can navigate through the macros and critical actuation. And you can use the menu button to escape. While You can change the volume and other settings using the multimedia control on the wheel button.

Furthermore, SteelSeries’ RGB color effects will blow your mind. The keyboards’ primary effects can be changed by choosing one of seven static colors. It has lighting effects like reactive effects and a custom lighting layout where you can choose specific keys for specific colors, among others. There is also customization for OLED.

Pros & Cons

    •  Omni Points move much more quickly and quietly. There are 60 Omni switches in a specific location.
    •  Software capable of controlling the actuation point.
  •  For left-handed gamers, the Omni switch is missing the arrow keys.

6-Corsair K68

CORSAIR - K68 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard RGB Backlit Cherry MX Red Switch - Black

The Coarser k68 RGB mechanical gaming keyboard features super responsive Cherry MX Red key switches and 100 percent anti-ghosting and full key rollover to ensure that each simultaneous keystroke is accurately registered no matter how fast you press the keys. It’s an excellent keyboard for gamers and those who have spent countless hours on computers.

It has virtually limitless backlight color combinations, dedicated volume, and multimedia controls for on-the-fly adjustments and is fully programmable with the Corsair utility engine.

The board used Cherry MX Reds key switches, which had 100% gold contacts and were incredibly accurate and responsive. They do not provide tactile or audible feedback to indicate when you have passed the actuation point. Therefore, when using the keyboard, you either bottom out or gradually figure out where the actuation point is.

The printed circuit board, or PCB, was made spill-proof and noise-dampening by Corsair’s implementation of the protection by placing a translucent silicone sheet above it.

There are also dedicated multimedia and volume control buttons in the right upper corner. So you can access those functions right away. If you like music and there is always something playing or a loud game noise, and someone enters the room, you don’t need to fumble around; instead, use the mute button.

The K68 RGB model has vibrant RGB backlighting, allowing you to theoretically set up each key to be a different color with a bumping feature. In addition to the multimedia buttons, there is an RGB light control button.

Pros & Cons

    •  Exceptionally sturdy and hard plastic chassis with excellent construction.
    •  Super sleek looking.
  •  The wrist rest is thin plastic.

7- Razer Cynosa V2 Quiet Gaming Keyboard

Razer Cynosa Chroma Gaming Keyboard & Sphex V2 Gaming Mouse Pad: Ultra-Thin Form Factor - Optimized Gaming Surface - Polycarbonate Finish

.The Razer is the least expensive quiet gaming keyboard on the list. Its keys are not mechanical but use a standard rubber dome switch system, eliminating the clicky tactile click sound. You don’t have to lift your wrist as high because it has a low-profile body design with a ramp that rests slightly on your desk. Making it different from other high-built keyboard designs.

The RGB lights illuminate all of the keys on the keyboard, including the keycaps and media control buttons. If you ever need to adjust the lights, the Razer website software allows you to control the colors, patterns, and other aspects. You can also customize your key shortcuts and add macros. There are many customization options for one of the more affordable keyboards.

The keys are made of a rubber-like plastic material. Additionally, when you press the keys, a small arc-slash groove on top of the keycaps provides a comfortable feel. Even though you might find the build quality a turn-off and wish for something a little more upscale, you still get a lot of features for this reasonable price.

Pros & Cons

    •  RGB lights give off a vivid, bright feeling without appearing cheap.
    •  There are three locations underneath the keyboard where you can tuck the wire.
  •  Not having a good quality of the cable.
  •  Space bar is a little rattly.

8- Fnatic mini streak

Razer BlackWidow V3 Mini HyperSpeed 65% Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard: HyperSpeed Wireless Technology - Yellow Mechanical Switches- Linear &...

The Fnatic mini streak is the compact version of a regular full-sized keyboard, eliminating the numeric keypad. The key switches are Cherry MX brown, though they also come in silent red and blue. They are light tactile switches, which means they have a bump halfway through but no quick switch, making it a quiet gaming keyboard.

Its somewhat rounded shape and its distinctive corners set it apart from the others. The finish is also delightful to the touch, and its more textured surface gives it a soft, chalky feeling. Another distinctive feature is a magnetic signature plate on the front edge. It enlighten me when it popped up. The company offers personalized plates with the name tags of gamers or other custom text.

The manufacturer also provides a wrist rest made of PU leather that is quite cool and has three adjustment levels to accommodate where your hand may be. Built with metal and on the bottom, which are magnets that keep it stable. It is a lightweight material, but it is also substantial on the other hand. With a modern, compact, thin, and sleek design.

It will help if you have their software to activate the mute and competition mode buttons. The default RGB color is a dim orange, but the software also allows for the customization of this color. The software’s interface is clean, simple, and easy to use.

Overall, there has been effort put into this keyboard to make it different. The maker has thrown in some customized ability and innovation, which differs from its mainstream competition.

Pros & Cons

    •  Adjustable wrist rest with three levels of adjustment.
    •  This quiet gaming keyboard’s price is slightly lower than other market competitors.
  • 9- RK ROYAL KLUDGE RK61 Quiet Gaming Keyboard

  • RK ROYAL KLUDGE RK61 3 Modes Mechanical Keyboard &E6000 Pink Gaming Headset, 60% Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard RGB and PS4 Gaming Headset with...

  • The RK61 is the most attractive gaming keyboard with ice blue RGB lights in the background. This is also the most pocket-friendly quiet gaming keyboard. You feel relatively smooth on this board, especially for stock non-lubed switches. They do, admittedly, feel a little mushy. The board has a convenient Bluetooth feature that lets you connect to up to three devices. To use this, alternate between q, w, or I while holding the function.

  • There are several versions of the RK61. It’s available with or without RGB, different colors, different switch types, wireless Bluetooth, and even a hot-swappable version. You also have a USB-C port at the back edge, a Bluetooth switch, and rubberized feet on the bottom. This one has red switches from TTC- a switch manufacturer.

  • [i2pc show_title="true" title="Pros & Cons" show_button="false" pros_title="Pros" cons_title="Cons" ][i2pros]

    •  Extremely attractive, available in black and white color[/i2pros][i2cons]
    •  No software is available for RGB customization.
  • 10- Redragon K582 SURARA RGB LED Backlit

    Redragon K582 SURARA RGB LED Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with 104 Keys, Tactile and Low-Noise Brown Switches (Renewed)

    K582 is yet another low-cost board with high-end specifications. It makes use of Ultima Raider switches. This is a much better option if you want more silent keys because it provides a linear response with no tactile up bumps or anything of the sort. It is also much quieter than those annoying blue clicky switches.

    It’s a full-sized layout with solid abs and a plastic body, so it’s a little heavier. Ruber-Padding the board’s feet, you won’t have to worry about your keyboard moving around on your desk. Furthermore, critical rollover is a great feature, which allows you to simultaneously press as many keys as you want without facing any keystroke issues. Another advantage is that the ABS plastic double-shot injection keycaps keep the primary letters from fading.

    Additionally, it does have full RGB perky backlighting, which is fantastic. The LEDs are nice and bright, and it brings out the colors. Customizing all colors while using the keyboard or its software. Allowing you to create macros. There are nineteen RGB effects in total. Each effect has a spectacular display.

    Pros & Cons

      •  Add-on custom keycaps will add a personal touch to your keyboard.
    •  When used excessively, the secondary letters printed on keys may fade.


    In conclusion, many keyboards on the market claim to be silent for gaming, but we hand-picked the best quiet gaming keyboard above after conducting in-depth research and testing numerous peripherals. In our opinion, the Logitech G915 is the best of all. Although it is somewhat expensive, it is still worthwhile. The other keyboards are gaming keyboards, but they also have features that will improve your gaming experience. These include various things such as wireless connectivity, low profile, mechanically heavy keys, and top-of-the-liner switches. You may also learn about the best  motherboard for intel i7-4770. 


    What is the Top Best Quiet Keyboard for Gaming?

    Selecting the best quiet keyboard for gaming includes Razer BlackWidow Elite and the Logitech G915.

    What is the best silent mechanical keyboard and Quiet Gaming Keyboard?

    The quietest gaming keyboard is the Corsair Strafe RGB Mk. 2, which has advanced mechanical Cherry MX Red and Cherry MX Silent switches.

    Is the blue switch loud?

    Blue switches are extremely popular but have a hard tactile bump on every key, making rapid keystrokes difficult.

    What switches are the quietest & Quiet Gaming Keyboards?

    Linear switches make no noise because they are smooth and consistent. Allowing every keystroke for making a bump reduces the clicky sound

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