Why Is My Zbrush Move Tool Not Working – Easy Fixes


Pixologic ZBrush is a virtual sketching application that helps you paint, texture, and do 3D and 2.5D rendering. It employs a patented pixel technique to retain data about each point’s lights, color, material, alignment, and complexity that make up an item on display. However, the problems associated with Pixologic ZBrush are widespread and require a … Read more

GIMP Select Tool Not Working – A Professional Guide


Using GIMP’s Select tool is a lot like Photoshop’s Magic Wand. It’s a mainstay in most people’s GIMP toolkits because it’s flexible and valuable. It lets you make complicated selections with many different areas, pick any part of an image, and apply effects or transitions to just that part. Recently, GIMP has been facing many … Read more

Eraser Tool Not Working Photoshop – An Expert Guide


Photoshop’s eraser serves as one of the program‘s most useful features. It lets you eliminate unwanted parts of an image or other Photoshop file. It removes single pixels from images. You can use the Eraser tool to clean up an image or eliminate anything you don’t want. When you run into problems like the “Eraser … Read more

Why is my Maya 3d Paint Not Working? – Easy Fixes


Maya’s modern paint effects go well beyond conventional painting’s capabilities. It just takes a few brush strokes to create elaborate particle effects. Complex pictures, such as trees or flowers, may be painted with a single brush stroke on a two-dimensional canvas. Using the same brush stroke, you’ve given these things a third dimension in your … Read more

Dahua Nkb1000 Not Showing in Config Tool – Easy Fixes


In the modern era of technology, Wi-Fi cameras have become part and parcel of every home. Among the best surveillance cameras is the Dahua NKB1000, the perfect home security partner. Although this camera has multiple features, including night vision, movement following motion, and HD streaming, users have reported some errors while using it. One of … Read more