Best Motherboard for i5 6500

Are you worried about the slow processor of your device? Do you want to switch to a motherboard that is suitable, fast, reliable, and loaded with the latest features? Intel’s Core i5 6500 is a well-known processor famous for its several unique and latest features which are not available in the previous versions. One thing which affects its performance is the motherboard attached to it. That is why choosing the the best motherboard for i5 6500 may seem like a hard task to some but not after this guide.

This buying guide presents the top ten motherboards for i5 6500 which are fast, have a good memory, reliable chipsets, and a lot more. Also, we will be discussing the pros and cons of each motherboard for your easy understanding. Let us now get into details of each product including the specifications, advantages, disadvantages, and a little bit of description.


What is an Intel Core i5-6500?

Intel Core i5-6500 is a processor with a 3.50 GHz processing speed in the four-core model. We all know Intel for its excellent single-core working, which is mostly demanded by people who are into gaming. Due to ultra HD resolution, you get an amazing display feature.

Moreover, although its chipset is an outdated model, still works amazingly for high usage. One other thing to mention about this Intel core is the integration of super amazing HD graphics processors.

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Motherboard for i5 6500

To make a beneficial investment when purchasing the best motherboards for i5-6500K, it is crucial to consider several factors. If you have been on these motherboards for years, it might not be a hard task for you. But for people doing this job for the first time, we have researched and come up with a list of a few factors. Let us now get into the details of these factors.

● Form factor

One of the priority factors to consider in a motherboard is its form factor, which covers three things. These include the type of power, the size of the motherboard, and the connection slots on it. This is why considering the appropriate form factor is important for any user. There are different form factor options but the famous one is the ATX form factor. You can get it in different sizes as per the requirement of your processor.

● Chipset and Socket

You always have to be very careful about the compatibility of the Intel Core i5-6600k with any motherboard. This is the reason you can not fit any motherboard on its processor. The key to getting this compatibility is to buy the processor and motherboard with the same chipset and socket to establish a stable connection.

The most common socket for these processors is the LGA 1151. However, there are many options in the chipset including the Z170, H81M, and B365. All these are remarkable in terms of consistency, performance, and effectiveness. You can also search for the latest chipsets and sockets available in the market. But make sure that they are compatible with your processor.

● Memory

Capacious memory is something we all look for in any device. To check the memory of your motherboard, you have to check the type and amount of RAM it supports. The latest and most used RAM now is the DDR4, due to its high technical features. S, make sure that your motherboard is supporting 64 GB of DDR4 RAM to exhibit excellent performance. Also, make sure that multi-DIMM slots are present for future-proofing of your device.

● Number of slots

The form factor of your best motherboard for i5 6500 decides the number of slots present in it. For example, the ATX form factor has many expansion and PCIe slots, meant to enhance its connectivity. Always go for the motherboard having maximum connectivity slots. This will allow you to attach the motherboard with a higher number of peripheral devices. Also, this thing will help you in enhancing the performance of your motherboard and processor, resultantly improving the working of your device.

● Onboard properties

Until now, we have discussed the common factors that are mostly available in all the motherboards. But now we will talk about some special and advanced features present only in the recent and updated motherboard models. Bluetooth connectivity, Wifi support, and high boost audio system are the three most prominent onboard attributes you must consider for your best motherboard for i5 6500.

● SATA ports

If you are looking for a perfect motherboard for your device, you must look at the number of SATA ports in it. The purpose of the SATA port is to establish a good connection of the motherboard with the storage drives and optical drives, such as the HDD or SSD. This is why it is crucial to check the number of SATA ports in your motherboard and make sure that they are enough for the devices you want to attach to it. The standard SATA of your motherboard should be 6 GB, or in other words the SATA 3.0. Along with this, you will have to go for peripheral connections such as USB 3.0.

Top Ten Motherboards for i5 6500

This section reviews the top ten motherboards for i5 6500, all exhibiting vast storage and amazing performance. Along with these two things, we have also mentioned the number and type of slots present in every motherboard which can improve the connectivity. Out of these ten, few are supported with wifi and Bluetooth connectivity while others are not. So spend your good time reading in detail to pick the best motherboard for i5 6500, as per your requirements.

1. Asus Z170-A: Best Motherboard for i5 6500

ASUS Z170-AR Motherboard unlock superb performance with a single click tap into USB 3.1 with Type-A and Type-C ports


  •  The Asus Z170-A comes with the ATX form factor.
  • It has 4 DIMM slots.
  •  You can enjoy up to 2133 MHz memory speed.
  •  It has a single M2 slot.
  •  The numbers of PCIe slots in this motherboard are 6.
  • Pros & Cons

    •  It has 3 customized PWM fans integrated into its body.
    •  For extra safety, you can enjoy safe overclocking performance.
    •  It comes with dual-way SLI support.
    •  This motherboard is supported with the Asus Digi + power technology.
    •  It is not supported with Wifi feature.
    •  There is no Bluetooth support.
    •  The price is not affordable.


The Asus Z170-A is a high-end motherboard that you can use with your high-speed Intel processor, the i5 6500. Along with several common features, this motherboard has many advanced features also. Let us go through some of the features of this motherboard.

Talking about the main layout, the socket present in this Intel Z179 is of LGA1151 type. The purpose of this chipset is to enhance and improve the functioning of your motherboard. It has 4 DIMM slots which can support a maximum of 64 Gb memory. This amazing memory is very useful for devices that are involved in designing tasks.

Its advanced Turbo Processing Unit, excellent VRMs, and adjustable power consumption are some of the factors which make it’s overclocking with the CPU safe and easy. You may find high heat-generating problems in many motherboards, but fortunately not this one.

Its manufacturers assure safe overclocking features in every motherboard model. This motherboard has multiple PCIe slots which are compatible with the dual-way Nvidia SLI. It is also compatible with the M2 drives and has multiple SATtA interfaces pre-installed. So, if you are looking for a motherboard with excellent storage, this one is good to go.

2. ASUS H110M-K Micro ATX

ASUS H110M-K D3, H110, DualDDR3-1600, SATA3, DVI, D-Sub, mATX


  •  It comes with an amazing Intel H110 chipset.
  •  This is supported by LGA 1151.
  •  The micro ATX form factor is present in it.
  •  This motherboard has an excellent 32GB DDR4 type memory accommodation.
  •  You can successfully enjoy even 2400 MHz memory speed.
  • Pros & Cons

    •  This one is super affordable for anyone.
    •  It is easy to operate.
    •  Even a small case can properly cover this motherboard.
    •  This model has easy updating with the BIOS.
    •  There is no wireless connectivity option.
    •  The maximum memory is only 32 GB.


The Asus H110M-K Micro ATX is manufactured by one of the leading motherboard and other computer-related product manufacturers. If you are looking for the best motherboard for i5 6500 which is super affordable for your budget, this one is the best option. But an affordable price means a compromise on many advanced features, still provided with excellent memory, numerous slots, and remarkable design.

Talking about the two DDR4 slots in this motherboard which can support 32 GB volatile memory expansion, which means that you won’t get the 64GB memory which is absolutely everyone’s favorite. Also, it has LGA 1151 type sockets making it compatible with Intel’s 14nm CPUs such as the 6th and 7th generation processors. It has 4 SATA ports, 4 USB ports, and 2 USB 3.2 type A Generation 1 connections.

One thing about this motherboard is that you will have to compromise on the wireless Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity feature. However, you can use the dual LAN Ethernet cable connection to meet your network connection options. You can find different benefits and cons. of this motherboard, but the price is super affordable for a beginner user.

3. MSI Z170A Gaming M5

MSI Enthuastic Gaming Intel Z170A LGA 1151 DDR4 USB 3.1 ATX Motherboard (Z170A Gaming M5)


  •  It has the ATX type form factor.
  •  4 DIMM slots are present in it.
  •  2 M2 slots are available.
  •  You can enjoy 3600 MHz of memory speed.
  •  It has 7 PCIe slots.
  •  The numbers of SATA ports in this keyboard are 4.
  • Pros & Cons

    •  The three-way crossfire feature is available.
    •  High-quality audio boosters fitted with audio enhancers are already present.
    • This one is most suitable for the 6th generation processors.
    • The price-to-performance ratio is remarkable.
    • The PWM control feature is not very efficient.
    •  The VGA port is absent.


MSI Z170A Gaming M5 motherboard is always on the top of the list when it comes to finding the best motherboard for your i5 6500 processor. Its high price may be a drawback for some, but for many, this high price is its thing as it covers exceptional features which are worth the investment for any professional.

This motherboard has 4 DIMM slots that aid in the 64 Gb overclockable memory. You will also find 3 PCIe slots of the 3.0 version which come in high-grade steel coating to prevent the sagging of the graphics card by reinforcing the slot. Thanks to these 3 PCIe slots support the user to add more than 2 graphics cards in SLI.

Also, it has 6 SATA connectors with multiple M2 slots to aid in the installation of extra-storage devices. If you want a motherboard in excellent colors, then the red and black contrast of this one is surely made for you. It has remarkable VRMs attached to the firm PCB. One point to compromise in this motherboard is the absence of a DP or VGA port, which affects the entire graphics and connectivity.

4. ASUS TUF B365M-PLUS : Best Motherboard for i5 6500

Asus TUF B365M-PLUS Gaming (Wi-Fi) LGA1151 (300 Series) DDR4 HDMI WiFi M.2 mATX Motherboard


  •  Intel B365 chipset is installed in it.
  •  It supports the Intel turbo boost technology 2.0 version.
  •  The CPU socket type is the LGA 1151 model.
  •  4 DDR4 slots are available.
  •  The maximum memory support is 64GB.
  • Pros & Cons

    • The Asus Optic-MEM supports the excellent routing of vias and traces for better memory stability.
    •  It has a long life due to its high-grade TUF components.
    •  The Xpert 2 fan helps in quick cooling and noise-free operation.
    •  It comes with a GPU temperature sensor highly beneficial for cooling the motherboard.


    The Asus TUF B365-M PLUS motherboard is the most suitable option for a beginner gamer who wants to set his hand on a fast processor supported by a basic motherboard. This motherboard mainly supports the 8th and 9th generation Intel core processors. It comes with 4 SATA ports, one M2 slot, and 2 DRAM slots which collectively support the 32 GB DDR4 RAM.

    You will also find Realtek ALC887 audio along with an excellent Intel Gigabit wired network connection feature. These features will surely make your gaming experience faster, easier, and simpler.

    The manufacturers of this best motherboard for i5 6500 most suitable for beginners hold a big name in the overall computer accessories producing market.

    As it is best for beginner gamers, it is understood that you won’t have to pay a very huge purchasing price, which surely means a lack of some advanced features. The excellent price-to-performance ratio and durable construction using around five military-grade components are a few things that attract every user.

    The best thing about this motherboard is the steel-plated PCIe slots which are super beneficial for excellent memory support.

    5. GIGABYTE B365 HD3

    GIGABYTE B365 HD3 (LGA1151/Intel/ATX/2xM.2/Gigabyte 8118 Gaming LAN/WiFi Upgradable Slot/Smart Fan 5/DDR4/Motherboard)


    •  The maximum memory is 4/64 GB.
    •  CPU socket in this motherboard is of LGA 1151type.
    •  The boost clock has a 2666 MHz performance.
    • Pros & Cons

      •  It supports the 8th and 9th generation intel core processors.
      •  For WiFi upgrading, 1 slot for the M2 socket is present.
      •  It comes with dual-channel non-buffered DDR4 slots.
      •  The Latest PWM design with hybrid technology is installed.
      •  It is compatible with various windows.
      •  This motherboard lacks any display.
      •  It is not very suitable for experts due to the lack of various advanced features.


    The Gigabyte B365 HD3 is the best motherboard for the i5 6500, a favorite of many gamers who just started into this thing. Its LGA 151 socket type allows its compatibility with the 8th and 9th generation Intel core processors.

    The B365 chipset supports entertainment, gaming, and content creation purposes, with 64 GB storage memory. This motherboard improves the overclocking potential and enhances the stability of your system, along with better power efficiency.

    Due to the Turbo application feature present in AI Suite III, you can set the overclocking value, adjust audio settings, manage networking data, and control the fan easily.

    While talking about the make and design of this motherboard, the base is a firm PCB with an ATX form factor fitted into the VRM design. All these help in improving and maintaining the power flow within your system. You will find dark red strokes on the full black PCB body of this motherboard, which is of course appealing to all eyes.

    To improve the audio quality, it comes with the Audio Boost 3 technology which results in a clean and crystal audio quality. This ensures that you can easily enjoy excellent audio in your gaming experience.

    6. Asus H110I-PLUS

    Asus H110I-PLUS Motherboard Mini ITX DDR4 LGA 1151 H110I-PLUS


    •  The mini ATX form factor is very efficient.
    •  It has 2 DIMM slots.
    •  4 visible SATA ports are present in it.
    •  You will find a single PCIe slot.
    •  An excellent 2133 MHz memory speed is available.
    • Pros & Cons

      •  You can easily wrap it in a small-sized form factor case.
      •  Its troubleshooting is super quick and easy,
      •  It has simple UEFI Bios supported with the EZ flash 3 feature.
      •  The PWM fan control option is already installed.
      •  There is not sufficient space for managing the cables and cords.
      •  This motherboard is not very suitable for gamers.
      •  No M2 slots are available.


    The Asus H1101-PLUS is the perfect option for people having a compact and small computer case. The LGA1151 socket of this motherboard is compatible with the 6th generation Intel core processors. Also, 4 DIMM slots are capable of supporting 64 GB of expansion memory. Due to the small size of this motherboard, there are only 2 RAM slots meant for supporting 32 GB of DDR4 memory. The maximum speed you can enjoy with this motherboard is 2133 MHz, probably one of the reasons why gamers of every level love this product.

    The compact size of this motherboard features a single PCIe slot of 3.0 versions but is available in full size, making it easier for you to install any graphics card in it. But one thing to consider when designing a compact computer is to add only low-profile graphics cards to facilitate efficient internal flow.

    This motherboard has 4 SATA slots which can support 4 hard drives for your PC. It has 2 3.0 USB ports to facilitate the instant transfer of data between two places. This motherboard has some 2.0 USB ports also, but they are not much developed and updated.

    7. ASUS PRIME B360M-C : Best Motherboard for i5 6500

    ASUS Prime B360M-C/CSM LGA1151 (Intel 8th Gen) DDR4 DP HDMI VGA M.2 B360 Micro ATX Motherboard


    •  2 M2 slots are available.
    •  4/64 GB memory is supported.
    •  The boost clock has a 2133 MHz performance.
    •  LGA 1151 CPU socket is installed in it.
    • Pros & Cons

      •  It is coated with an anti-moisture coating to improve life.
      •  This motherboard is equipped with 8 channel HD audio setup supported with front panel audio connectivity.
      •  The ASUS corporate stable model features easy replacements.
      •  This is specially made for the 8th generation intel core processor for enhanced connectivity.
      •  This motherboard is only good for beginners.
      •  You will find multiple technical flaws and lacks.


    This motherboard belongs to the Micro-ATX B360 business line and has excellent reliability, security, and manageability. ASUS PRIME B360M-C features exclusive BIOS self-healing technology support. This helps in the restoration of the BIOS of the system from a proven backup automatically.

    Another good thing about this product is its moisture-resistant coating that protects the aggressive environment. You can use this motherboard for enjoying smooth gaming experiences. It helps in monitoring the system, diagnosing problems, and finding solutions. The manufacturing company of this product states that you can keep using this motherboard in 24/7 mode.

    In terms of form factor, ASUS PRIME B360M-C is a micro ATX board that is quite simple to use. Also, it is lightweight which makes it easier for you to change your CPU’s position. The lightweight of this motherboard also limits its installation into a device or system having a small size, so be careful about this too.

    8. ASRock H310CM-HDV Motherboard

    ASRock H310CM-DVS S1151 Intel H310 Max32GB DDR4 PCIE DVI-D&D-Sub mATX Motherboard


    •  2/32 GB of memory is supported.
    •  The type of CPU socket in this model is LGA 1151.
    •  The optimum performance of this motherboard is 2400 MHz
    • Pros & Cons

      •  Its design is strong and stable.
      •  It can give a maximum of 60fps.
      •  Anyone can set up and install it easily.
      •  All essential HDMI and USB ports are present.
      •  It is supported by the Intel turbo boost feature.
      •  This motherboard is not very easy to use.
      •  Its BIOS is complex and complicated.


    ASRock H310CM-HDV Motherboard is sturdy and can withstand tough environments. Special sapphire metal is used in making its PCB. High-density glass fiber is also used in PCB construction involving some micro-level work. If you want the most durable motherboard considering this would be a great option.

    The best thing about this product is that it can support a system of up to 95 watts. This indicates the high power and performance of the product making it suitable to be used with core i5 6500. It comes with her super fast Intel chipset that boosts the overall performance results.

    An Intel H310 is also installed in this motherboard which is very rare to find in this price range. If you want to get a motherboard with high power control then this one is perfect for you. It also comes with a four-face power configuration and dual-channel DDR4 slot.

    This motherboard also has 32GB RAM which is a great benefit. 4 SATA slots are also provided in this motherboard making it a worth-buying product. The main purpose of these slots is to facilitate, improve and increase the connectivity options of this motherboard with different types of devices.

    9. Asus PRIME B250M-A: Best Motherboard for i5 6500

    ASUS PRIME B250M-A LGA1151 DDR4 HDMI DVI VGA M.2 B250 mATX Motherboard with USB 3.1


    ● It comes with the Micro ATX form factor.

    •  It comes with the Micro ATX form factor.
    •  The number of SATA ports in this product is six.
    •  It consists of 4 DIMM slots.
    •  Two M2 slots are present in it.
    •  The maximum memory speed it offers is 2133 MHz.
    • Pros & Cons

      •  It is supported with a five times higher protection technology.
      •  The Intel optane memory compatibility feature is present in it.
      •  Its advanced fan control features the Fan Xpert 2 Plus technology.
      •  You can enjoy the 3D printing mounts already installed in it.
      •  You may have trouble with its availability.
      •  There is not much evidence regarding the longevity of this motherboard.


    This motherboard is perfect for core i5 6500 due to its excellent compatibility and multiple features. It also fears 5 × protection technologies for improving the durability of the product and ensuring better circuit design. It also has an LGA1151 socket and has Intel’s B250 chipset as the basis.

    The best thing about this motherboard is that it supports all 6th generation processors and works well with 7th generation processors also. It has 64GB RAM and comes with 4× DIMM slots with 2133MHz as the maximum performance speed. For excellent performance results, dual channel architecture is used.

    For holding the graphics card it also features a fortified PCIe slot. To prevent the sagging of the GPU this motherboard has added steel. What makes this motherboard different from others is its LANGuard Technology which helps surface capacitors to connect reliably. As a result, the internals is protected against electrical surges.

    It also has an extraordinary bill design and features reliable VRMs. It comes with dual M.2 drive slots and 6× SATA 3.0 ports for fast booting of your computer.

    10. GIGABYTE Aorus Z390 UD: Best Motherboard for i5 6500

    GIGABYTE Z390 UD (LGA 1151 (300 Series) Intel Z390 SATA 6Gb/s ATX Intel Motherboard for Cryptocurrency Mining with above 4G Decoding, 6 x PCIe Slots)


    •  It is equipped with the Intel Z390 chipset.
    •  This comes with the LGA 115 socket.
    •  The highest memory speed is 4266 MHz.
    •  128GB DDR4 type memory accommodation is associated with this motherboard.
    • Pros & Cons

      •  This motherboard has a sleek and attractive design.
      •  It comes with a multi-GPU support feature.
      •  To control heat production, an effective thermal management system is installed.
      •  It only has a single M2 slot.
      •  You will have to compromise on the Bluetooth or Wifi connectivity feature.


    Gigabyte is the most trusted brand when it comes to buying highly efficient and durable motherboards. This product manufactured by Gigabyte is the perfect combo of sufficient thermals and excellent speeds. An upgraded Intel Z390 chipset is installed in GIGABYTE Aorus

    Z390 UD helps in easy handling of the latest 8th and 9th generation core processors. Despite all these features, this motherboard is still very affordable than others available in the market. The memory speed of this motherboard is 4266MHz and the volatile memory is 128GB. Talking about the connectivity it comes with 8 USB 3.2 Gen 1 connections, 6 SATA ports, several PCIe
    4.0 slots and 1 M.2 support.

    Along with reinforced PCIe also features a single-piece stainless steel shielding design. If you talk about the design, construction, or appearance of this motherboard is catchy enough to attract the attention of any viewer. This motherboard also comes with effective MOSFETs and features a future-proof 10+2 phase PWM design.

    FAQ: Best Motherboard for i5 6500

    Which motherboard is the cheapest for your i5-6500?

    The Asus H110I-PLUS is the cheapest motherboard compatible with the i5-6500 chip. This motherboard doesn’t support any wireless connection. Also, you can expand its volatile memory only up to 32 GB. But if you are searching for something which is super affordable and works best for beginners, this is the best option.

     Which motherboard is the most suitable for the i5 processor?

    That’s why the Gigabyte B365 is the best motherboard for the i5 processor. The type of socket present in this motherboard is LGA 1151 while the chipset it is compatible with is the Z390. Moreover, the multi GPU support feature and the unique 10+2 power phase design allow you to do extra with it. And yes, don’t forget about its excellent thermal management performed by its pre-installed thermal sensors.

    Which motherboard is good for a compact device?

    The compact Asus H1101-PLUS is the most suitable motherboard which you can easily install in your compact i5-6500 Intel core device. This limits the installation of any size of graphics card in your system, which means that you will have to go with low-resolution graphics cards only.

    Do you prefer using the i5-6500 for gaming purposes?

    Yes, especially if you are on a low budget. But if you can go for an unlocked processor with more recent features, you should never go for this processor. The i5-6500 is suitable for beginners who are into gaming and don’t have a very high budget, and also can enjoy even the 1080 p graphics. But if you want to enhance its performance, you can connect an excellent graphics card plus a fast-processing motherboard.

    Which processor is similar to the i5-6500 processor?

    The most similar processor that matches the i5-6500 processor is the AMD Ryzen 5 1600 processor. The i5-6500 processor is preferable when you are on a tight budget and can compromise a bit on the quality. However, if you can’t compromise on the graphics, and speed of your processor, you must go for the AMD Ryzen 5 1600. It has six cores and also its CPU mark ratings are much more impressive than the i5-6500 one.

    To Wrap It Up: Best Motherboard for i5 6500

    Now that we have presented a detailed guide reviewing the top ten motherboards, selecting the best motherboard for the i5 6500 much become a lot easier for you now. The main thing is to go through all the specifications and recheck them with your requirements so that you don’t have to compromise on anything.

    We all understand the importance of an excellent performing motherboard for the working of your CPU. Along with excellent speed and good memory you should also consider the boost clock factor. Also, pay attention to the number of slots and ports present in your best motherboard for i5 6500 to improve its connectivity.

    Before starting to search about the features you want in your motherboard, decide the budget you have for this purchase. Then go for the main and necessary factors and then go for the onboard attributes which will be beneficial in improving the performance of your motherboard.

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