ASRock Motherboard HDMI Not Working – A Detailed Analysis

The High-Definition Multimedia Interface, or HDMI, is primarily used to transmit audio and video information between an HDMI-compliant device and a display. If this HDMI port doesn’t work, the computer screen won’t get any data. The motherboard is often called the computer’s “brain.” Without a properly functioning motherboard, desktop computers were useless. What if the ASRock motherboard HDMI not working? Nothing we try to do with the gadget works.

To make working with different devices go smoothly, check that the HDMI port on your motherboard is in good working order. On top of that, you will have to try out many ways to deal with HDMI ports. This article will explain why HDMI isn’t working and how to fix it. So, grab a cup of coffee and settle down to read this article in its entirety. Let’s look into why “ASRock Motherboard HDMI not working.”


Why is my motherboard’s HDMI not working?

Most of the time, you can use any port on the computer while leaving some of them open. If your computer has a dedicated graphics card, you may use the HDMI or display connector that comes with it. Even if you’ve never used the HDMI port on your motherboard before, you may find that it doesn’t work when you need it. When we need something, we always seem to find that it doesn’t work. There are several reasons why the HDMI port on the motherboard might not work, ranging from problems with how it is set up to major hardware problems.

The defect in the HDMI port on a motherboard could be caused by a broken cable, a broken port or device, or a damaged motherboard. It could also be because the graphics card and built-in chip don’t work well together. Most of these, though, can be fixed once you figure out what’s wrong.

Since you now know where the problem may be coming from, we can go on to discuss solutions.

How to fix “ASRock Motherboard HDMI not working” Problem:

The video card or the computer’s built-in graphics connect the HDMI port on the motherboard to the rest of the hardware. If it doesn’t work, you must fix the HDMI port on the motherboard. Download and put in a compatible patch to fix the problem. But you’re not alone if you can’t get the HDMI port on your ASRock motherboard to work. Several online tutorials demonstrate how to resolve the problem.

If the problem continues, you must restart your computer to make changes. You will have to connect the digital port to the HDMI adapter if the problem is with the HDMI port. You could also take the monitor off and see if the problem is still there. If the problem continues, you can start your computer back up and check the BIOS settings.

The following is the list of fixes for the HDMI problem in ASRock.

Turn on HDMI in the BIOS

You might get the “no signal error” if your system’s built-in graphics are turned off. Therefore, you’ll need to turn it on in the BIOS.

Do these things:

  •  Turn your computer off completely.
  •  Turn on your PC and press the Esc key repeatedly until you see a menu.
  •  Find the key on your keyboard corresponding to BIOS settings and press it.
  •  The settings for your BIOS will show up. Now, it is getting hard because this option is usually something different on each computer.
  •  Look for a setting called “Enable iGPU” or “Enable Multi-GPU support” and turn it on.
  •  In the last save and then leave.

If you plug in the HDMI cable right now, it will work perfectly. Most people can now fix the problem, but if your BIOS setting was already on, keep reading.

Look at the HDMI cables.

The next step is to ensure your HDMI and is in good shape. It is easiest to connect it to a friend’s computer and see if it works. Using two or three different HDMI cables to test the results is a good idea if you have more than one.

Update Graphics Driver

Most computers will update themselves by themselves. But if you have turned off automatic updates, your hardware drivers may need them badly. Your old driver software might not recognize the hardware you put in. New hardware usually needs new drivers. Finding an older driver is not that acceptable. Since this is the case, you’ll need to manually update the drivers, particularly the one for the integrated graphics.

Troubleshoot Your Hardware

We often don’t use the tool that Windows gives us to fix things: The Troubleshooter. There are many options to resolve hardware and software problems in Windows OS. Since the HDMI port on your motherboard isn’t working, we suggest you run a hardware device troubleshooter.

Install All Pending Windows Update

Windows sends our system updates all the time. The updates can add new features or fix bugs in older versions of the system. The update is done automatically by Windows. But if you turned off the feature or the system has updates that need to be installed, it may be time to do so. Windows may have sent you the update to fix your hardware, but you may have missed it.

Lastly, your HDMI port may have a physical defect if the problem remains.

If your system is older or physically damaged, it could have damaged the HDMI port. System damage can also happen if the power supply isn’t suitable or someone tries to connect to it incorrectly or by force.

If your HDMI ports start damaging it self, then you must visit the local service center.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if the HDMI port on my motherboard works?

Join the device to the screen using the functional HDMI connection, and then connect the screen to the HDMI port on your motherboard. Your HDMI is functioning correctly if you can see the display on your system.

How do I make my HDMI port work again?

Do these things. First, turn on the HDMI device, like your TV. Then, turn on your PC. Next, turn off the TV and unplug both ends of the HDMI cable for one minute. After that, plug both of them back in and turn them on.

Is HDMI to DisplayPort a thing?

Yes, you can use an adapter to connect an HDMI port to a device that works with DisplayPort.


For high-definition video and sound, you need HDMI. The HDMI port, connector, and cable on the motherboard often cause HDMI to not work on the motherboard. Knowing where the problem comes from makes it easy to find a solution. So, the article “ASRock Motherboard HDMI Not Working” gives solutions for every possible problem. Read it through, and if you think we left anything out, put it in the discussion below.

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