Dahua Nkb1000 Not Showing in Config Tool – Easy Fixes

In the modern era of technology, Wi-Fi cameras have become part and parcel of every home. Among the best surveillance cameras is the Dahua NKB1000, the perfect home security partner. Although this camera has multiple features, including night vision, movement following motion, and HD streaming, users have reported some errors while using it. One of the common errors is that the Dahua NKB1000 not showing in config tool.

This issue is primarily due to a missing setup, old firmware, or a lousy internet connection. Whatever the reason, we will give you the solution to your problem to get the most out of your Dahua NKB1000 camera. However, the article will first list the steps to install your Dahua NKB1000 correctly. And after the reliable and easy fixes, we’ll answer your related queries. So, let’s start reading the article.


Setting Up the Dahua NKB1000 Camera

The step-by-step guide to installing the Dahua NKB1000 Camera for your home, office, or any other property’s surveillance is given. You’ll have your camera installed in a few minutes by following these simple steps.

The Dahua app may be downloaded for free on both iOS and Android phones. A download of the app is required to set up the webcam if it still needs to be present on your smartphone or laptop.

  • Then you’ll need to install the Dahua driver application usually comes with the camera.
  • Connect the camera to your device using an Ethernet wire.
  • If you want to double-check that the installation went well, you may launch the Dahua app after you’re done. If everything seems to be in order, choose “Camera” from the “Networks” menu.
  • Select “Add Device” from the menu. Type the cam’s IP address and hit the “OK” button.
  • Choose the “IP Camera” menu and the “Settings” button. Whether you’re employing a wireless or cable connection, switch to the appropriate mode. Changing the quality to 1280 x 720 and clicking “Save” will guarantee optimal performance of your camera.
  • You may access the camera from the Home screen by hitting the left side button. You can manually activate the camera by pushing the on/off switch in the device’s upper right corner. When you’re ready to begin recording, click “Start Recording” in the lower center of the main panel.
  • Simply pressing the play button again will shut off the camera. However, if you shut the app while the video is still filming, you risk losing the information, and the webcam may cease functioning. So always keep the camera running until the recording is complete.

Easiest Solution to Dahua Nkb1000 Not Showing in Config Tool

What happens when Dahua Nkb1000 does not appear in the configuration tool? To answer this, there could be several reasons behind this error. However, we have a couple of fixes that will eliminate this error for you.

Check for The Latest Firmware

Your Dahua NKB1000 Camera often needs to show the configuration tool when the firmware on your device is an older version. Therefore, it is best to reset the device by simply visiting the settings page on the menu and clicking the “reset” button.

If you still need help, you may try the next solution.

Reconfiguring the Network Setting

Your Dahua NKB1000 often unable to show the configuration tool due to a malfunctioning network. Therefore, fixing the network setting will do the job for you. So, for the network reconfiguration, to modify your connection preferences, click “Network Settings” on the tool’s menu. The “Network Type” drop-down should reveal “Wireless Network,” which needs to be selected. Finally, in the wireless network menu, you only need to click the name of your Dahua NKB1000.

Replace the Ethernet Cables

Unreliable connectivity is the final remaining explanation. The NVR or camera is malfunctioning, or a cable is at fault. Ensure both sides of the wire are firmly in their respective ports. Switch to a different thread you know will work with the camera if you have one. The old line needs to be discarded if the camera is functional with the new connection.

If the camera still doesn’t show the configuration tool, try covering it for a minute or two to ensure it’s receiving power. It’s time for the infrared LEDs to activate.

This means that electricity is available for the camera. If the lights don’t turn on, it might be because of a faulty camera or an issue with the Power over Ethernet (PoE) connection to that port. If the camera doesn’t turn on, try connecting it to a different port. Assuming it does, the problem most likely lies with the other port. If this does not work, the camera may be defective.

FAQ: Dahua Nkb1000 Not Showing in Config Tool

What is Dahua ONVIF?

Dhua ONVIF is a neutral, international group whose goal is to encourage the adoption of open global standards for connecting IP-based surveillance systems worldwide.

How can I manually select compatibility settings?

If you want to debug a specific app or application, try searching for it in the taskbar’s search box. You can access the Compatibility tab by selecting the file, holding down the Shift key (or right-clicking), and then clicking Properties. Initiate the compatibility checker by clicking the corresponding button.

Is Dahua CVI or TVI?

HD “composite video interface,” or “CVI,” is the same as TVI, but it uses a digital communication protocol instead of an analog one. A well-known Chinese manufacturer, Dahua, has switched to CVI.

Conclusion : Dahua Nkb1000 Not Showing in Config Tool

We know how important it could be for you to know why the Dahua NKB1000 not showing in config tool. Therefore, we have come up with the easiest fixes and the most straightforward setup for your Dahua NKB1000 camera. We are confident that you’ll find this article helpful in setting up your surveillance cameras for security purposes at home and in the workplace.

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