To 10 Best Keyboards For Programming—A Detailed Review

Are you trying hard to learn and practice programming at your home? Do you find it hard to get the best keyboard for programming that has smooth keys, a unique design, an attractive appearance, easy usage, and every single thing?

To master your programming skill, it is crucial to get yourself a keyboard with lesser latency time. Also, long operational hours of the keyboard are important for a programmer so that he can work on it for a long time without slowing down the speed or any technical fault.

This post presents the top ten keyboards that you can use for programming purposes. You will find their description, pros, and also some cons to help you pick the most suitable one for you.


What is a programming keyboard?

A programming keyboard is a specific type of keyboard that is specially designed to optimize the workflow, and efficiency of programming activities. Usually, simple layouts are preferred in this regard which makes typing easier for the user. The best keyboard for programming must be comfortable to use and possess a great tactile experience.

How do we choose the Best Keyboards For Programming?

For choosing the best keyboards for programmers, it is important to consider the following things:

● Responsiveness:

Everyone has his own preference when it comes to the tactile feedback and particular keycap type of the keyboard. If the tactile responsiveness of the keyboard is efficient there will be fewer mistakes in your typing resulting in improved productivity.

● Reliability:

Also, ensure that your keyboard works consistently and can survive any accidental beverage and coffee spills. For this, it must be made of high-quality materials following durable and sturdy design construction for improved service life.

● Customizable:

So, There is quite a lot of variation when it comes to the personal preference of the user, especially in the case of programmers. Custom keys are liked by power developers as they can be programmed for launching specific actions and code editor features. The best keyboard is the one that allows you to extend the customization process to the keycaps also.

● Comfortable:

No one likes being uncomfortable especially when he has to focus on programming strategies and tactics. But everyone has a different comfort zone. Some people love silent typing whereas others prefer clicking sounds. Some want smaller-sized keyboards while some like the full-sized ones that have a numeric keypad also.

● Switch Type:

There are different types of switches available in the market to help to program with efficient programming experiences. People have their preferences especially when it comes to choosing the right type of keyboard switch. Usually, mechanical switches are considered the best because of their high accuracy, speed, and performance.

Moreover, they also provide predictable tactile feedback and actuation force. Also, these switches make your keyboard most comfortable to type for an extended period especially when you are a programmer. Hybrid capacitive and mechanical designs or high-quality switches are the best choices.

● Wired or Wireless:

This is dependent on the requirement of the user whether he wants a wired or a wireless keyboard. Wired keyboards do not involve any signal problems and are efficient to use by connecting just a wire. Wireless keyboards are portable and easy to relocate and do not have any cord breakage problems.

● Keyboard Layout:

Moreover, For long-haul comfort and ultimate fatigue resistance, a keyboard with a split layout and ergonomic design is the best. You can also reverse tilt some keyboards. Some models have a concave layout for a highly natural and improved restful hand position. As a result, these keyboards bring a significant reduction in the wrist strain levels than a standard keyboard.

Top 10 Best Keyboard For Programming

These are the 10 best keyboards that will add more to your programming experience.

1. Dell KB216-Best Keyboard For Programming

Dell KB216 Wired Multimedia USB Keyboard with Super Quite Plunger Keys with Spill-Resistant – Black

Dell KB216 has a lot of specifications and advantages making it useful for programming. Here is a brief detail as to why this keyboard should be considered:


The features of this keyboard are:

  •  Full-sized keyboard
  •  The numeric keypad is installed
  •  Type C USB ports

Pros & Cons

    •  It provides greater space for customization.
    •  The Numpad installed in it is detachable.
    •  You can also remove the media dock.
    •  ABS keycaps are installed with aluminum bases.
  •  It is very expensive as compared to other programming keyboards in the market.
  •  The weight of this keyboard alone is equal to that of a whole laptop.

Description: Best Keyboard For Programming

Moreover, It allows easy and diverse customization for meeting the needs of different programmers out there. You can use multiple codes and explore the virtual world to an even greater extent using this keyboard. The best thing about this keyboard is that it comes with a detachable numeric keypad
This means you can remove the numeric pad whenever and wherever you want. The re-installation of the pad is also not demanding or complex at all.

Moreover, you can place the numeric keypad on whichever side you prefer dependent on your convenience that either you are right-handed or left.

Moreover, It also comes with different high-quality tools that can be used for installing, removing, fixing, or servicing different parts of the keyboard. So, You can also replace the keypads using the specific keycap puller tool provided along with the package.

2. Glorious GMMK PRO-Best Keyboard For Programming

Glorious GMMK 2 Barebones 65% - BlackGlorious GMMK PRO has different benefits and features to improve your programming experience. Read this to know why it is worth buying:


The features of this keyboard are:

  •  87 key tenkeyless form
  •  Brown switches
  •  USB type C ports

Benefits of buying this keyboard:

Pros & Cons

    •  High-quality construction
    •  TKL size for easy portability
    •  The braided cord that is highly durable and can be removed also
    •  Efficient default Gateron brown switches
  •  No media keys are available

Description: Best Keyboard For Programming

So, This tenkeyless version ensures to keep the keyboard size small so that it can easily fit in your bag. The best thing is that it is also available in other size options including full size and compact size. Moreover, All these sizes share the same design construction and technical features but are only different in the number of keys they contain.

The body of this keyboard involves aluminum case construction giving it a highly pleasant and rich appearance. The keycaps are also raised and feature sandblasted finish. The Gateron Brown switches installed have a high resemblance with the Cherry Brown switches. This improves the functioning and performance of your keyboards.

Moreover, This best keyboard for programming provides diverse customization options so that you can alter it according to your programming needs. It does not only allow you to swap the keycaps but also provides an option for swapping the switches.

You have the option to choose between different types of switches. The best thing is that by simply pulling out the switches they can be swapped. Moreover, This ends the need for soldering for switching swapping. As a result, you can install Gateron, Cherry, or other compatible switches and mix them if desired.

Moreover, The removable braided keyboard makes it easier for you to adjust the keyboard in your bag without causing any damage to the cord.

3. Obinslab Anne Pro 2-Best Keyboard For Programming

ANNE PRO 2, 60% Wired/Wireless Mechanical Keyboard (Gateron Red Switch/Black Case) - Full Keys Programmable - True RGB Backlit - Tap Arrow Keys - Double...There are various benefits and specifications of the Obinslab Anne Pro 2 keyboard making it highly productive for your programming tasks. Some details about this keyboard are given below:


The features of this keyboard are:

  •  Compact form keyboard with 61 keys
  •  Gateron switches are installed in red, brown, or blue color
  •  USB Type-C port is present

Pros & Cons

    •  Minimalistic design construction gives a pleasant design appeal
    •  You can use it with or without a wire
    •  For easily accessing maximum functions, less hand movement is needed
  •  There are no separate function keys on this keyboard
  •  Pressing various Fn combinations for your programming tasks is not convenient

Description-Best Keyboard For Programming

Whether you are in search of a compatible keyboard so that you can carry it everywhere with you or a compact one to take up less space on your desk, it’s the best choice for you. It has a compact design yet retains all the features to offer maximum functionality. There is a distinct way to achieve 104 key functionality to allow convenient use for coding and programming.

Comes in wired and wireless configurations with a choice in colors black and white. The weight is considerably low including the internal battery. You can pair it up with up to four devices with the help of Bluetooth technology. Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity enables you to have prompt and convenient connections.

4. Logitech MX Keys-Best Keyboard For Programming

Logitech MX Keys Advanced Illuminated Wireless Keyboard, Bluetooth, Tactile Responsive Typing, Backlit Keys, USB-C, PC/Mac/Laptop, Windows/Linux/iOS/Android...Logitech MX Keys have a lot of specifications and advantages making them useful for programming. Here is a brief description of why this keyboard should be considered:


The features of this keyboard are:

  •  Full form construction with 104 keys
  •  The numeric keypad is installed
  •  Scissor switches are present
  •  USB-C port is installed

Pros & Cons

    •  It has slim and sleek construction.
    •  The battery life is very prolonged.
    •  With dished keycaps.
    •  The backlighting is great.
    •  Its high hand proximity detection.
    •  It supports Bluetooth and comes with a wireless USB dongle.
  •  It has no incline settings.
  •  The marcos are absent requiring you to use programmable buttons for function presetting.

Description: Best Keyboard For Programming

If you spend long hours on your PC for programming and coding, then it’s the best solution for your tired fingers. It comes with spherically dished keys to allow comfort to your fingertips. There is a scissors mechanism that allows satisfying feedback every time you press a key. The travel distance of the keys is short thus providing effortless typing and silent tapping.

This feature enables you to enjoy peaceful working hours without the tapping keys bothering you and your fellow coders. It shows great compatibility with Mac OS, Android, iPhone, and Windows as well. There are three dedicated keys for convenient switching between paired devices.

It comes with unique features like hand proximity, and automatic backlighting for more conservation of battery. The battery itself is super fine quality with impressive efficiency.

5. Apple Magic Keyboard with Keypad-Best Keyboard For Programming

Apple Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad - US English - SilverApple Magic Keyboard with Keypad has a lot of diverse technical specifications and benefits making it useful for different tasks. Here is why this keyboard is best for programming:


The features of this keyboard are

  •  It is a full-form keyboard with 104 keys.
  •  It has a numeric keypad also.
  •  Scissors switches are installed.
  •  USB-C port is present.

Pros & Cons

    •  It has both wired and wireless usage.
    •  It comes in thin design construction.
    •  This keyboard is very lightweight making it highly portable.
  •  The backlight is absent.
  •  It is a non-mechanical keyboard.


When you are using a keyboard with Mac, you often miss out on Apple-only keycaps. Some mechanical keyboards come with replacement keycaps ideal for Mac users. The Apple Magic Keyboard with a numeric keypad offers a larger layout along with navigation controls. The full-size arrow keys and easy coding and scrolling attract gamers and coders.

It is longer than the standard keyboard and is equipped with a similar scissor mechanism with a very short travel distance. Once you charge this keyboard, it may last you for a long time and serve as a wireless device. There is a USB-C cable that comes with the keyboard.

6. Red Dragon K551-Best Keyboard For Programming

Redragon K551 RGB LED Backlit Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Numlock Keys for Windows PC (Black, Blue Switches)Red Dragon K551 has different features that are helpful in programming. Read this to know why you should consider this keyboard:


The features of this keyboard are:

  •  Wire connectivity is available.
  •  It has a compact size construction.
  •  It has a mechanical switch for efficient performance.

Pros & Cons

    •  It is a colorful keyboard adding more to its pleasant appearance.
    •  It has low-profile switches.
    •  It prevents wrist strain problems.
  •  The keycap puller is absent in the package.
  •  The backlight feature is not provided.

Description: Best Keyboard For Programming

Although by the loon of it, it might not be as promising as a programmer would want because of its colors and layout. However, it is a very efficient device with very short distances and efficient typing due to low-profile switches and keycaps.

The design is ergonomic allowing better quality at an affordable price which is better for the planet as well. The best thing is that you don’t have to extend your hands far off to use the keys. You can rest your wrists on your work surface directly and type in a more comfortable position.

The size is compact and you can carry it around with ease and convenience. Skipping through the lines of code is simple because of the compact design. This best keyboard for programming helps you get rid of dealing with cables and wires since it is wireless and has an excellent performance.

7. Razer Blackwidow

Razer Blackwidow Lite: Silent And Tactile Gaming Keyboard - Compact With Detachable Cable - Tenkeyless Design - Razer Orange SwitchesRazer Blackwidow has a lot of specifications and advantages making it useful for programming. Here is a brief detail as to why this keyboard should be considered:


The features of this keyboard are:

  •  It features wireless connectivity
  •  It is a full-size keyboard.
  •  Mechanical switches are installed for improved performance.

Benefits of buying this keyboard:

Pros & Cons

    •  It comes with a numeric keypad also for entering numeric data.
    •  The all-white construction makes it highly aesthetically pleasing.
    •  You can connect it to multiple other devices also.
  •  It has very less gaming features.
  •  The resistance provided by the tactile switch is very low.


Have you ever wondered if you could have a keyboard that allows your wrist to rest on a plushy surface making your long hours of work more comfortable? This is the best product for you. So, It is wireless, compact, and allows great compatibility with Bluetooth connectivity.

So, It shows great compatibility with the dongle, so you don’t have to invest in a separate USB receiver. This only has Yellow switches that offer a smooth and light typing experience. Moreover, It has high-design construction and is highly portable, making it easier for you to carry it anywhere.

8. Epomaker SK61

EPOMAKER SKYLOONG SK61 61 Keys 60% Hot Swappable Programmable Mechanical Gaming Wired Keyboard with RGB Backlit, NKRO, Water-Resistant, Type-C Cable for...Epomaker SK61 has a lot of specifications and advantages making it useful for programming. Moreover, Here is a brief detail as to why this keyboard should be considered:


The features of this keyboard are:

  •  It is the best optical keyboard that provides multiple programming features.
  •  The optical switches installed are swappable.
  •  Including numpads for typing numerical values.

Pros & Cons

    •  The keycaps are multicolored and also PBT dye-sublimated.
    •  It is sturdier than most of the other programming keyboards available on the market.
  •  The feet installed on this keyboard are fixed and non-adjustable.
  •  It has limited switch options.


So, It has a compact layout which does not mean that you won’t get a number pad on this keyboard. Moreover, A Numpad is installed on one side of this keyboard providing help for your coding and programming experiences. It also lacks function keys.

Moreover, You can always customize the key placement according to your preference. But the layout comes with learning curve requirements because some most important keys are installed on the bottom-most layer. Additionally, The switches are also swappable making it possible to use one of your personally preferred switches. It has nice building quality with a slight flex.

9. Drop CTRL

DROP Massdrop CTRL Mechanical Keyboard Tenkeyless TKL (87 Key) Gaming Keyboard, Hot-Swap Switches, Programmable Macros, RGB LED Backlighting, USB-C,...
Moreover, Drop CTRL has a lot of specifications and advantages making it useful for programming.


The features of this keyboard are:

  •  This keyboard is compatible with QMK.
  •  The keycaps installed are PBT type.

Pros & Cons

    •  Making it fully of aluminum.
    •  The switches are swappable.
    •  As comparing to the other programming keyboards it isinexpensive.It is very affordable as compared to the other programming keyboards available in the market.
  •  Requiring a special power to operate this keyboard.
  •  There is a lot of key chatter while using this keyboard which is annoying to some people.


Moreover, It is famous as one of the best keyboards that are efficient for programming purposes. This best keyboard for programming has a complete anodized aluminum body that adds more to the aesthetic appeal and durability factors. There are multiple power port locations in the case so that you can plug in your cable in different positions depending upon your most suitable setup demands. Visit this link to know about the best motherboard for Ryzen 3 3200 G in 2022.

Moreover, The best thing about this keyboard is that having PBT- type keycaps. You can also change the switches as this keyboard features hot-swappable sockets. As a result, you can choose the type of switch that best matches your programming demands. Check out this link to read about the best motherboard for i5 6600k in 2022.

Plus, not requiring soldering for swapping the switches.
But one thing to keep in mind is that you can not use a standard USB-C cable with this keyboard, it has special cable requirements.

10. Keychron K6

Keychron K6 65% Compact Wireless Mechanical Keyboard for Mac, Hot-swappable White Backlight, Bluetooth, Multitasking, Type-C Wired Gaming Keyboard for...
Keychron K6 has a lot of specifications and advantages making it useful for programming. Considering this keyboard and its details:


The features of this keyboard are:

  • Choosing multiple materials depends on your preference.
  • Having feature of wireless connectivity making it more connectivity and comfortable for using it.
  • It has a compact layout for better operation and usability.
  • Moreover, It is compatible with both Windows and Mac devices.

      •  Moreover, It has a compact layout for better operation and usability.
      • Comparing to its feature, it is expensive. [/i2cons]
  •  Not supporting any software.
  • Description:

    Additionally, If you are looking for a highly portable keyboard choosing the Keychron k6 keyboard is perfect for you. But one thing you will have to deal with is the high price. So, The sturdy aluminum construction makes it more expensive than other programming keyboards available on the market. Moreover, make sure to keep that in mind when getting this keyboard.

    Moreover, it has a unique layout and does not involve any navigational cluster. Right above the alphabet keys, you will find the numeric keys as in a standard keyboard. It also comes with a detachable power cable making it easier for you to carry it to other places. Moreover, it features wireless connectivity that supports both Windows and Apple devices.


    Is it better to use a mechanical keyboard for coding?

    The high-speed functioning of a mechanical keyboard is worth considering. But, it lacks ergonomic suitability making it inconvenient for you to work on it for long durations.

    Which switch is the best for your programming keyboard?

    Moreover, There are a lot of options when it comes to choosing the best switch for your programming keyboard. The most helpful tip, in this case, is to look for one that has reduced latency time and efficient performance. So tactile switches are the best in this regard.

    Can you use a 60-key keyboard for programming?

    In a 60-key keyboard, you will not find arrow keys as well as a Numpad. Moreover, This is why it is not the perfect choice for programming.

    To Wrap It Up

    The two main things required for programming are efficient programming skills and a high-quality system. For a smooth programming experience having a good keyboard is necessary. We have presented to you the top ten programming keyboards that are all remarkable in their performance.

    Before purchasing the best keyboard for programming it is essential to study its features and know about its disadvantages also, and the same goes with your programming keyboard. Also, put great attention to the maintenance of your keyword. So, Don’t forget to clean it regularly with clean wipes or alcoholic pads to easily remove the dirt. You may use a thin brush to eliminate the dirt between the keys.

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