How to Install Motherboard Drivers Without CD? – An Easy Guide for All

Drivers make it easier for your computer’s hardware and operating system to communicate with each other. So, keeping your drivers up to date ensures that your PCs can interact with the most modern hardware. So, keeping your graphics card and motherboard drivers up is essential. But as the CD drives are not part of the latest computers, a question arises: how to install motherboard drivers without CD?

It would be best if you have an internet connection to get the necessary motherboard drivers and install them. You can get drivers for your computer in several ways, but all require the internet (either wireless or wired LAN). Therefore, this guide provides easy, step-by-step methods to install a motherboard driver on your PC without a CD. Moreover, we will address all the complications you may face in the process and answer your frequently asked questions.

However, before updating drivers, you must check a few things to ensure it’s worth updating your mobo’s drivers.

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Motherboard Drivers

Before addressing “how to install motherboard drivers without a CD,” it is essential to understand what the motherboard drives are and their significance. So, the motherboard driver is, in fact, a piece of software that makes it easy for the operating system to communicate with any connected hardware. It works with several other computer parts to finish the necessary task.


For your motherboard driver to work at its best when your computer starts up and shuts down, it must be able to remember the settings it had before. So, your computer can read data from any connected hardware and figure out what it means. Without it, you won’t be able to connect anything from the outside.

Installing drivers for hardware like a copier, system bus, or internal hardware is necessary for your computer to recognize the new devices. But when you upgrade to Windows 10, you won’t have to worry about finding drivers that work with your devices.

When to Update Motherboard Drivers?

We wouldn’t recommend installing newer versions of your motherboard’s drivers unless your computer is acting strangely. In most cases, an unrequired update to your motherboard’s drivers won’t help you much. But, updating the mobo drivers should fix the problem if your hardware doesn’t work well together, like your graphics processing unit (GPU), random access memory (RAM), or hard drive.

How to Install Motherboard Drivers Without CD?

We do not use CD drives as much as we used them in the past because now we can easily download the necessary drivers and software using high-speed internet. So, we don’t need extra hardware to keep your computer in good shape.

People always wonder if they can install motherboard drivers without a disc. There are several easy ways to update your motherboard’s drivers without external hardware. Some of the easiest ways we’ve found are listed below.

1. Installing Motherboard Drivers Using the Internet

To update your drivers, you will need access to the internet to use this technique. A driver installation option is available inside your operating system itself.

a) Through Windows Adapter

Using Windows as an operating system, you may upgrade your PC using this approach. The method described here is how to install motherboard drivers without CD. This is the easiest method that you can find to install your PC’s motherboard driver.

  • Click the start button on the bottom left side of your desktop screen
  • Go to settings
  • Click on the update and security in the settings
  • Click on windows update
  • Finally, go to the check for updates

You can find all of the system’s drivers if installed. The next step is to set up drivers that are easy to get to. Sometimes, the system will automatically install the drivers it needs and then ask you to restart.

b) Downloading Drivers from Motherboard Manufacturer’s Website

This way of installing drivers is more complicated than the last one. Use your Wi-Fi or data connection to go to the company’s website that made the motherboard for your computer. You’ll need to be able to get on the web.

Many different motherboard drivers are available online from companies like ASRock, MSI, Biostar, Gigabyte, ASUS, and many more.

  • You can quickly search on Google if you know the brand and model of your motherboard.
  • You also need to find the list of drivers for all the other parts of your motherboard in this directory, from Gigabit Ethernet, USB, and audio to SATA. But it’s best to ensure that you are on the right page of the manual for your motherboard.
  • After you save the file to your hard drive, you can move on to installing the driver. It is best to install each driver separately. After installing the drivers, you must restart the computer for them to work right.

This method is helpful when you don’t already have drivers on your PC. However, it is not a quick fix because your PC needs an Ethernet or wireless connection to download the drivers.

2. How to Install Motherboard Drivers Without CD and Internet – Using USB to Install Motherboard Drivers

Once you have motherboard drivers downloaded in any external storage device like USB, you can follow the steps to install drivers on your PC in no time.

  • To install the drivers, you must first extract the compressed file.
  • Unpack this file into the current directory by clicking the “Extract Here” button.
  • Double-click the extracted folder to access its contents.
  • To begin the installation, locate the installation file (it should end in.EXE) and double-click it (It might take a moment).
  • The instructions should appear in the form of a wizard. The first option will be to consent to the license and go ahead.
  • Click OK, Next, or Accept as appropriate to go through the procedure. You’ll then be prompted to hit “Install.” When you choose this option, the drivers will be installed automatically.
  • Finally, the Wizard will ask you to restart your computer. This is a mandatory procedure for updating or installing the motherboard drivers. The motherboard might get disoriented and unable to find its way around if you don’t restart it.
    Note: Keep your PC idle while the driver’s installation is in process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do motherboard drivers automatically update?

The OS will look for driver updates and install them automatically if you’re using Windows.

Does Windows 10 require you to install motherboard drivers?

Yes, even if Windows is already installed on a motherboard, you will still need to install some drivers to get the most out of your motherboard.

How do you check if all drivers are installed?

To check whether all drivers are installed on your PC or not, follow the simple steps given below.

  • Select the Device Manager by right-clicking the start button.
  • After Device Manager has opened, go to the View menu and choose Devices by the driver.
  • All drivers will now be shown in Device Manager.


    For PC users, mainly those who want their PCs up to date, we have addressed the issue of “how to install motherboard drivers without CD.” We’re sure you now have every possible method to install your motherboard’s drivers. Keep yourself updated with our website to get the latest computer hacks to save your day.

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