Why Is My AnyDesk Mouse Not Working? – 6 Most Effective Solutions

AnyDesk is a piece of software that lets you connect your computer to far-away devices. Several applications of AnyDesk make it easier for you to control your remote devices. But recently, some customers have complained about problems with the program. Some users have said that the AnyDesk mouse not working or it isn’t there when they use the program. Since the cursor is a vital part of using your PC, we thought it was essential to solve this problem quickly.

The problem could be with the program or the device’s operating system. Maybe the program might not work with the edition of the OS that is on your devices. In short, there could be several reasons why your mouse is not working; therefore, we will discuss them individually. So, if you are one of the unhappy users, this post will help you. Given that, let’s get started.


Is Your AnyDesk Mouse Not Working? 6 Handy Fixes

Although predicting the reason why your mouse is not working on AnyDesk is not easy. However, we will present every potential defense and the most straightforward solutions. Given is the answer to your problem.

1. Incorrect Date and Time of Your Device

Without access to the internet, the AnyDesk app won’t work. So, all internet-connected devices must have the correct data and time for where they are. No matter which ISP they are using, the internet connection won’t work right if the device’s date and time aren’t in sync with the actual date and time in the area.

2. Outdated Operating system

Another reason why your AnyDesk mouse not working is that perhaps your devices’ operating systems are old or prone to bugs. So, in that case, the best thing to do is to update the software on both devices. There are different ways to update the OS on other devices. It is better to update your smartphone’s operating system. You might find a way to do this in your phone’s settings menu.

Now that you’ve installed AnyDesk on both devices, you can take commands from either. If you still can’t see the mouse pointer after trying the first option, try the second one.

3. Older Version of Application

Each device must run the most recent version of AnyDesk for the best compatibility. If you go to the official site and download and install the most recent version, your current version will be updated.

Try this method to install the latest version of AnyDesk.

  • Use a web browser to set up your device.
  • Type “AnyDesk” into Google, and then click on the link.
  • You should now be able to find the link or button to download the most recent version. Just click the link to move on.
  • You can now choose the app that works with your operating system and download it. If your computer has an operating system made by Microsoft, choose “Windows.” While for an Android device, select “Android.” Those using iOS devices can choose “iOS.”
  • After getting the software’s installation file, you should install it like any other piece of software.
  • When the setup is complete, the device needs to restart.

Do these steps on the device you want to control and the device handling it.

As long as the app’s most recent version is on both devices, you know they are using the most current version.

Now that you know how to use AnyDesk on both devices, you can try taking charge of your favorite device. If after trying the next option, you still can’t see the mouse pointer, move on to the next.

4. Incomplete Application Data

If the latest version of the application has bugs or incomplete information, upgrading to the latest version might not fix everything. To fix this problem, uninstall the program you’re using now and install the most recent version.

Windows users may find it in the Settings menu under the Apps section. Find AnyDesk on the Apps menu and click on it. A “Remove” button will pop up next to it. Select Remove or Uninstall, and then wait for the process to finish.

Mac users should click and hold the AnyDesk icon until a small cross appears at the top of the Icon. Must touch it to get rid of the program if you find it. You can find AnyDesk on Android in the Settings > App menu.

You can get rid of it by looking for it, tapping on it, and then choosing “uninstall.” Follow all the instructions you might see on the screen to remove this incomplete app.

Suppose you’re using an iOS device. Press and hold the AnyDesk icon until a cross appears at the top of the screen. If you find it, all you have to do is touch it to uninstall the program. You may try using the mouse again by reinstalling the program and then trying to control it.

5. Faulty/Obsolete Drivers

Most of the time, a device that doesn’t work as it should is because of a broken driver. Even so, that could still be why your mouse pointer isn’t showing up. You need to either reinstall the drivers on your computer or update them. There are three things you can do. You can do it manually, with a machine, or with a specialized app.

First, let’s look at the intuitive method given.

  • Click the Windows button and type the name of the Device Manager to open it.
  • You can choose Update Driver from the menu when you right-click on any of the devices listed.
  • Choose “Search Automatically” for drivers to have Windows look for new drivers for your hardware. If you can find it online, it will install it for you automatically.

In the case of a manual installation, you will need to visit the device maker’s website to find the driver installation file. It will work just like any other file to install the software. After that, please see the file’s installation folder and install it like any other piece of software.

Also, you can use a third-party driver utility program that is easy to install to check your computer for missing or out-of-date drivers regularly.

Now, install AnyDesk on both of your devices and try to take control of either one. If you still can’t see the mouse pointer after trying this option, see the next solution.

6. Faulty Port

This solution is for people who use a wired or wireless mouse to move around the screen. The gadget won’t always work if the connection isn’t quite right. That may be the case even if you use the AnyDesk mouse cursor.

If you’re using a Bluetooth mouse, forget your previous settings. Also, try a different port, whether you’re using a wired connection or a USB converter. This method will probably help you control AnyDesk with your mouse.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I enable my mouse control in AnyDesk?

You must turn on the cursor before using it on remote devices like AnyDesk. So, once you’ve connected to the remote device, you’ll have to click the “Display” key on the main menu under “Visual Helpers” and then select “Show Remote Cursor .”You’ll see your mouse on the screen.

Why does AnyDesk keep disconnecting?

Your firewall and networking equipment, like routers, could break AnyDesk’s connection, so ensure they are turned off on all devices nearby and far away. You can also go to https://support.AnyDesk.com/Firewall to find out more.

Conclusion : Why Is My AnyDesk Mouse Not Working

Because we know how important a mouse is in an app that lets you control devices from a distance, we’ve found every possible reason and solution for your “AnyDesk mouse not working” problem. So, we’re sure this article will help you use AnyDesk to control your remote devices easily.

Please keep visiting us for more great computer tricks and valuable answers to your problems. Also, don’t forget to leave a comment with your thoughts.

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