Why Is My Onn Wireless Mouse Not Connecting? 10 Best Solutions

A wireless mouse makes it very handy to do work without entangling the wires around your system. Also, these wireless accessories let you work more freely and keep yourself at a reasonable distance from the screen. In this regard, the Onn wireless gives you a more comfortable working experience. However, a few cases appear when the Onn wireless mouse not connecting.

Fortunately, we’ve come up with the main reasons behind this issue and will provide you with the most straightforward solutions. Although these peripherals need a bit of care while dealing with them, some problems can still happen. This article will address all the common issues and their solutions. And at the end of this article, we’ll answer your frequent queries.
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Reasons Why Is Your Onn Wireless Not Connecting – A Professional Guide

ONN wireless mice don’t have many issues you wouldn’t find with other kinds of wireless mice. So, when troubleshooting an Onn wireless mouse, you might need to change the battery or decide to buy a whole new mouse.

Here are a few reasons why is your Onn wireless mouse not working.

1. Low Battery

Everyone knows a wireless mouse needs a battery to talk to your computer. So, if your wireless mouse won’t connect, ensure the batteries are in the right spot. Mostly, the batteries are not chargeable, so if something goes wrong, you may need to change the batteries.

To solve this issue, remove your mouse’s top or back cover with care. See if you’ve adjusted the battery correctly. Fix the battery in place if it is not. If your Onn wireless not connecting, your mouse probably needs to replace the battery. However, it’s better to understand the actual problem, so keep reading the article till the end.

2. Receiver Connectivity

The mouse’s USB receiver is a small dongle plugged into an open port on your computer. Ensure its proper connectivity so that you can use your mouse. If you’ve tried everything else to fix the problem, you could try a different USB port. Some USB ports break and become useless. Moreover, if the mouse doesn’t have a receiver, it’s likely wireless; check the settings on your wireless mouse.

3. Scrolling Surface/Mouse Pad

Most of the time, you won’t think your mouse is working when it is. It won’t work if you keep using your mouse on that surface where it skips or moves slowly. Even if you can’t see anything happening on your screen, you should be able to tell by how the mouse blinks. You can also use the click test on the screen to see if your mouse is connected correctly.

You should buy a good mouse pad if you don’t want to have trouble with your mouse’s pointer. Make sure it’s hooked up right by clicking your mouse.

4. Mouse Setup Installation

If your wireless mouse doesn’t connect, it could be because you didn’t read the directions that came with it. Some mice need a “connect” process to sync with your PC. So, to start a connection with your mouse, you might have to go through the driver’s installation, not just a push of a button on the receiver or pressing a few keys.

Read the manual with the mouse carefully and see if it needs the “Connect Process” to link to your computer. It’s also essential to ensure your wireless mouse drivers are up-to-date and check when they expire.

5. Conflict of Software

Some software would already be on your PC if you used a different wireless mouse before getting an Onn wireless mouse. So, now that you are trying to connect your Onn wireless mouse, it shows that the Onn wireless mouse not connecting with your PC.

That’s because there is a conflict between the software of both your previous and newer mice.

You may uninstall your previous wireless mouse drivers and install the required drivers to connect your brand-new Onn wireless mouse to your PC.

Other Common Problems of Onn Wireless Mouse

Other than connectivity, you may face some significant problems. They are as follows:

1. Scrolling Wheel Problem

If there is a problem with the scroll wheel, it won’t work correctly, which makes it very hard to move through the screen. Also, it could cause the scrolling to be all over the place, making the cursor pretty much useless.
You can cope with this problem by replacing the mouse pad or cleaning the scroll wheel by opening it carefully.

2. Cursor Movement

When the pointer isn’t working right on your cordless mouse, it might not do what you expect when you move it. The possible lag or slow speed of the cursor can also make it hard to use.

You can adjust your mouse speed by typing “mouse” into the search bar and changing the speed of your mouse as you wish. However, if it isn’t still working the way you want, you can change the surface at which you are scrolling your mouse.

3. Corrupt Driver File

Sometimes, an Onn wireless mouse may work just fine. But the device manager might not show it. It could be because of an obsolete driver or a problem with another piece of software. If the driver files for a connected device are damaged, the computer might not be able to see them.

One can resolve this issue by simply installing new drivers to control how to use your Onn wireless mouse in the future.
Some Quick Tips to Keep Your Onn Wireless Mouse Working

These are some crucial tips you can follow to get the most out of your Onn mouse without facing the issue of the Onn wireless mouse not connecting.

Use a suitable mouse pad.
Check hardware by running the hardware troubleshooter
Always have the latest drivers
Check the position of the battery
Use new battery

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I put a wireless mouse in pairing mode?

Most Bluetooth mice have a pairing button that must be pressed and held for one second before other Bluetooth devices can find the mouse. When the mouse is ready to be used with another apparatus, it will often use a flashlight to show this.

How can I reset my Onn mouse?

Take the batteries out of your wireless mouse first, wait a moment, and then put them back in. If the mouse pointer still doesn’t work, type “MSC” into the command prompt of your window to open the device manager. And the device manager will address the problem with your mouse and how you can resolve it.

How can I fix my wireless mouse not being detected?

If the mouse doesn’t work, change the batteries. Ensure the Wi-Fi receiver isn’t too far away or covered by other things. If your USB wireless adapter isn’t working, try unplugging it and plugging it back into a different port.


Among several other issues discussed in the article, the most commonly asked question is, “Why is my Onn wireless mouse not connecting.” Fortunately, this article explains all the possible issues and their easy solutions. Moreover, for your convenience, we’ve covered all the other problems that might trouble you while you are working. But we assure you that by reading this article, you will never have to worry about any of the Onn wireless problems.

So, if you’ve read the article, let us know in the comment sections how it helped you.

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