Kindle Keyboard Not Turning On? 5 Easiest Solutions in 2022

The Kindle Keyboard is the most popular gadget among those who love reading books. As technology is revolutionizing, it is making things much easier for you. So, someone who likes to read can keep doing so without buying expensive hard copies. This is possible with the fantastic Kindle keyboard. However, the Kindle keyboard not turning on is annoying for readers, especially when they need it the most.

Luckily, we have the best solution to this problem. Yet, it is crucial to understand the reasons behind the issue with your Kindle Keyboard. So, through this article, we’ll guide you through all the essential points to know when your Kindle keyboard is not starting. Also, to make things easier, we’ll answer your questions about the subject at the end of the article.
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Possible Reasons for Kindle Keyboard Not Turning on And Their Solutions

If your Kindle doesn’t respond when you try to turn it on, you may feel frustrated and helpless. It turns out that there are a few straightforward reasons why this might happen.

Let us study them one by one.

1. Low Kindle Battery


If the battery is dead, the Kindle might not turn on. This could happen if you haven’t used your Kindle in a while or if the battery died and you forgot to charge it. Simply put, a Kindle can’t take the place of your phone. It doesn’t know how much battery life it has and doesn’t turn off. When the Kindle’s battery goes below a certain level, the “battery is critical” message comes up, and the device won’t turn back on.

If this is the case, your Kindle might show an error message like the one above. Your older Kindles may show a warning message, “Your Kindle battery is dangerously low; connect your Kindle to the charger.”

In newer versions of the Kindle, the “Low Battery” indicator is simplified to an icon that looks like a charger and a lightning bolt. When this happens, make sure your Kindle still has enough power to work. But your Kindle may still be stuck on this screen even after the orange light turns green, which means the battery is full.


If that’s the problem with your Kindle keyboard, connecting it to a charger that works will fix it immediately. But you can also look for other issues and try the suggestions below.

2. Charging Issue – Kindle Keyboard Not Turning on Irrespective of Charging Percentage


This charging issue is another reason your Kindle won’t start up. In that case, some people are having trouble with their Kindle’s screen showing the “Battery” symbol with an “Exclamation Mark.” If the dreaded “Battery with exclamation mark” message comes up on the screen, there is a problem with how you are charging the Kindle battery as the gadget’s battery life goes down.

Contrary to what most people think, the “Battery Exclamation Mark” sign can appear on your Kindle at any battery charge level. Because of this problem, it’s also possible that your Kindle won’t turn on even when it’s plugged in and charged.


This problem can be fixed by connecting your Kindle Keyboard to a charger that works with Kindles or by checking the voltage and current going into the Kindle. But sometimes, the charging port of the Kindle shorts out, which stops charging and damages the motherboard.

3. A Fault in The Battery


A bad battery is one of the many reasons why your Kindle might not turn on. The battery in your Kindle, like those in other modern devices, has a limited lifespan. You’ll need to buy a new battery when it can no longer hold a charge.

However, before you go through the trouble and cost of replacing the battery in your Kindle, you also need to check out why the Kindle keyboard is not turning on. For this, the most reliable method is to take apart your Kindle and use a voltmeter to check the battery’s voltage. If the reading is low, you need to change the battery.

However, if you do not have a voltmeter, the simplest way to check whether your Kindle battery is working is by looking at the orange light. This orange light could show that the battery is running low. I.e., if your Kindle is charging, the orange light will be on. When it is regularly set, an orange light stays on the device.

However, if your Kindle’s battery is dead, the orange light that shows it is charging will keep flashing. If the orange light acts like this, the Kindle’s battery dies. So, you can be sure of your Kindle’s issue.


Replacing your Kindle’s battery with a new one will instantly turn on your kindle keyboard. However, proper fitting and care of the battery will enhance its service life.

4. The Problem with The Kindle Hardware


Your Kindle might not be turning on because its hardware is compromised, which is another possibility for the Kindle keyboard not turning on. An inappropriate connection between the battery and the motherboard is one of the main things that can cause hardware to break. The problem with the motherboard could also be the reason for the Kindle not turning on somehow.


If there is a fault in the motherboard, or you cannot figure it out, then it’s better to go to a mobile repair service. Most hardware issues are not repairable at home and must be handled by a skilled professional.

5. The Problem with the Kindle Software


Your Kindle might not turn on because of a bug in the software. If you haven’t updated the software on your Kindle in a while, it may no longer work because the software is outdated. Even though, as soon as you connect your Kindle to Wi-Fi, it will start checking for and downloading any needed software updates.

So, it’s not likely that this will happen. It’s not impossible, though.
If your Kindle doesn’t turn on, you should contact Amazon’s customer service to see if there is a software update you can install.


When you connect your device to Wi-Fi, it can automatically get the latest software updates. But you can also check for updates to ensure you have the newest software for the best experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I fix a Kindle that won’t turn on?

In addition to all the above-listed solutions for the Kindle keyboard not turning on, you can also Soft reset it. A “soft reset” can fix many common problems without deleting any of your information. For that, press and hold the power button for forty seconds before releasing it. The Kindle Fire’s charge light should come on after a few seconds, and the device should restart.

How do I know when to change my Kindle battery?

If it takes too long to charge your Kindle, it doesn’t get to 100%, it doesn’t stay charged, or it won’t turn on at all, you probably need a new battery.


When you want to use your Kindle keyboard the most, it could be frustrating to find that it won’t turn on. Fortunately, you now better understand the reason behind this issue with your keyboard. Moreover, you now have the five most straightforward solutions for the unresponsive Kindle keyboard. So, dealing with most of the problems with your keyboard would be a breeze. Keep visiting us for more valuable hacks.

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